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JOE Subscriptions

AAE Members

The JOE subscription is included as part of AAE’s annual membership dues. All members receive access via JOE Online to new and archived issues. Distribution of the print JOE varies by membership type and opt-in/out status. Contact to review your status.

Special In-Training Rate

A reduced rate is available to residents, interns and students for a total of three years. Please contact the publisher at 800-654-2452 (United States) or 314-447-8871 (International), or fax a request with a copy of your student ID to 314-447-8029 (U.S. and International).

Institutional (Multiple-Reader) Rate

Multiple-reader rates are available for institutions such as libraries, schools, hospitals, clinics, group practices, and federal, commercial and private institutions/organizations. Prices are subject to change. The GST number for Canadian subscribers is 895524239. C.P.C. International Publication Mail #0060062. Country of origin—United States.

International Dental Organizational Rate

The AAE is now able to offer international dental organizations the ability to provide subscriptions to the JOE Online to their members. Subscriptions are offered at a bulk rate if the association, society or other type of organization meets the following criteria:

  • The online subscription is offered as a member benefit, meaning that all members of the organization must subscribe to the service. This helps foster the strength of organizational endodontics on a global basis.
  • Contact information (first name, last name and email address at a minimum) for the qualifying members receiving the subscription must be provided to the AAE. This information is necessary for activating an individual account and distribution of login information to authorized users.
  • The AAE is granted the ability to provide promotional support/outreach to the organizations’ membership on a quarterly basis to promote the partnership and encourage access to the available content.

Subscription rates in U.S. dollars, prorated based on the number of members, are as follows:

  • 0-99 members: $75 per subscription
  • 100-1,000 members: $62.50 per subscription
  • More than 1,000 members: $50 per subscription

Interested organizations should contact for more information.

AAE Nonmembers

Nonmembers can subscribe to receive the JOE through the publisher’s subscription area. Subscription rates in U.S. dollars are as follows:

1-year subscription: $548.00
2-year subscription: $986.40
3-year subscription: $1,397.40

1-year subscription: $985.00
2-year subscription: $1,970.00
3 year subscription: $2,955.00

Pertaining to All Subscription Types

New subscriptions received before May 1 of each year will begin with the first issue of that calendar year. Subscriptions received between May 1 and October 31 will start with the July issue for that year. Subscriptions received after October 31 will start with the first issue of the following year. Subscriptions may start with any current volume’s issue upon request.

Renewals should be made promptly to avoid an interruption in JOE delivery. The publisher cannot guarantee an available supply of back issues for late renewals.