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Recommended Speakers List Funding

In order to enhance the quality of endodontic education offerings at your meeting, and as part of the AAE’s Partners in Patient Care efforts, funding is now available to bring an AAE recommended speaker to your meeting. The AAE Recommended Speakers List is comprised of endodontists who have been recognized within the specialty as the premier lecturers on endodontic topics.


To determine your meeting or events funding eligibility, confirm that you have completed the steps below and fit the criteria.

  1. Contact an AAE Recommended Speaker and confirmed their availability for the date, time and location of your meeting. All logistics must be handled between your organization and the speaker.
  2. Confirm the following criteria:
    • A minimum of 50 dentists will be in attendance at the session.
    • You are requesting the speaker to present on one of their approved topics.
    • The speaker is not receiving any additional funding/honorarium from sources other than the hosting organization.
  3. Submit the form below. Upon submission, your speaker will also receive instructions regarding how to submit the required speaker agreement.

Should your application be accepted, the recommended speaker or requesting organization will be reimbursed $1,000.00 to cover hotel, per diem and travel cost. Reimbursement is only eligible 30 days following the event.

The AAE will work with the recommended speaker or requesting organization to coordinate reimbursement. Limited funding is available and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Ready to apply to for funding?

If you have completed ALL the steps and meet ALL of the above criteria, simply complete the form below.

  • Organization Information

  • Event Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Speaker Information

  • Agreement

  • The American Association of Endodontists' Recommended Speakers List is intended to provide a means for continuing education providers to contact AAE members who are expert speakers on identified endodontic topics. It is not intended to be all-inclusive. The AAE accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information, funding or expertise provided by individual speakers, nor can the AAE guarantee speaker availability. Please sign below by typing your name in the box to confirm that the information submitted above is accurate and that you have read and agreed to the above disclaimer.