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Case Assessment Tools

Use these practical tools from the AAE to evaluate a patient's clinical condition, gauge your treatment capabilities and overcome case assessment pitfalls.

AAE EndoCase App

Available Now for Apple & Android!
Ready for a brand-new way to assess endodontic cases? The AAE designed the Endodontic Case Difficulty Assessment Form for use in endodontic curricula as well as by dentists to help with case decision making and recordkeeping. The new AAE EndoCase App is a digital rendition of our popular Case Difficulty Assessment form making case selection more efficient, consistent, and easier to document.

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Endodontic Case Difficulty Assessment Article

This newsletter discusses endodontic treatment planning, case assessment and referral from a specialist’s perspective.

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Reading List

A comprehensive list of references supporting the topic of case assessment and referral.

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AAE Case Difficulty Assessment Form and Guidelines

The form enables a practitioner to assign levels of difficulty to a particular case by assessing risk factors that may affect the outcome of treatment. The form may also be used to assist with referral decision making and record keeping.

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AAE Translates Case Difficulty Assessment Form Into Spanish

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Educator’s Guide to Using the AAE Endodontic Case Difficulty Assessment Form

This guide is designed to assist educators in teaching predoctoral dental students objective evaluation and decision-making skills in endodontics.

*Under review: This item is currently undergoing review and will return once updated.

Forging Effective Alliances for Quality Patient Care

This article discusses the value of effective referral relationships.

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