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Endo Voices Podcast


Endo Voices Podcast

Stay up to date on the hottest topics and trends in endodontics!

Join the American Association of Endodontists and our host, Dr. Marcus D. Johnson as we strive to advance the art and science of endodontics and promote the highest standards of patient care through engaging and entertaining conversations with today’s top experts in the field.

Latest Episode

Health is Wealth: Control What You Can – Ep. 43

January 6, 2023

Dr. Kirk Coury, a passionate endodontist and self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, shares the journey of a harrowing health scare which threatened his ability to practice and enjoy life. Practice longevity is…

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Recent Podcast Episodes

Perforation – Ep. 42

December 2, 2022
Guest: Kreena Patel, BDS(Hons), MJDF RCS(Eng), MClinDent (Endodontology), MEndo RCS(Edin)
This discussion goes deep enough to scrape the furcal floor of perforation information. Tune in and restore your best practices on perforation management, hacks and pro tips! We are joined by Dr. Kreena Patel of London, who wows us with her perforation protocol prowess. Join us as we open up about a topic no one wants to experience.
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The Hard and Soft Tissue Dilemma of Crown Lengthening and Root Surface Defect Repairs – Ep. 41

November 4, 2022
Guest: David Wong, D.D.S.
Listen in as we hear Dr. David Wong define root defects and explain the numerous key factors involved in advanced periodontal procedures and what to keep in mind when saving a tooth. Stay a while and determine the relationship that crown-lengthened teeth have with endodontics and how to save them predictably.
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To Graft or Not to Graft…That is the Question! – Ep. 40

October 7, 2022
Guest: Adham A. Azim, B.D.S.
Join us as we fuse 3D imaging and the surgical microscope into the discussion on guidelines of guided tissue regeneration with Dr. Adham Azim! Dig deep into this topic with us and realize why the success rate of endodontic surgery has shown significant improvements in recent history.
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Predictable Systems: Financial Literacy and Practice Management for Endodontists – Ep. 39

September 2, 2022
Guest: Albert (Ace) C. Goerig, D.D.S., M.S.
Healthy finances help ensure optimal endodontics, so take control of your financial destiny and watch it pay off in the long run! Dr. Albert C. Goerig is no mere guru – he's done the work himself and he’s here to help you apply his lessons to your practice. Don’t miss this lucrative conversation!
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Neurovascular Injuries in Endodontics – Ep. 38

August 5, 2022
Guest: Paul G. Cruci, BDS, MSc Endo, MSc Imp Dent & Allen F. Gaon, BDS, MSc Endo
Young and seasoned clinicians alike can stand to learn something from Drs. Paul Cruci and Allen Gaon as they help us evaluate the risk of nerve injury associated with endodontic treatment. While these topics can be nerve-wracking, we promise this episode will help keep you trauma free.
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Social Media’s Role in Dentistry and Endodontics: Mis/disinformation and Accountability – Ep. 37

July 1, 2022
Guest: Brian M. Baliwas, D.D.S.
This episode of Endo Voices gets social with the always engaging Dr. Brian M. Baliwas, also known as @sfdentalnerd. Get valuable tips on how to talk teeth on the ‘Gram and other popular platforms. This episode is sure to get your “thumbs up”!  
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The Biggest Room – Father’s Day Bonus Episode

June 17, 2022
Guest: Chaplain David Johnson
Some of the most important lessons are those we learned at home, and there’s nothing like good fatherly advice. In this special bonus episode, Dr. Johnson celebrates Father’s Day with a very special guest: his own dad, Chaplain David Johnson.
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Protocols of Bonding: Duplicating Nature in the Quest to Better Clinical Outcomes – Ep. 36

June 3, 2022
Guest: Davey Alleman, D.M.D., David S. Alleman, D.D.S., & Shanon Patel, B.D.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Etching, curing and bonding ourselves into the newest episode of Endo Voices, Dr. David Alleman speaks to us about the untold biomimetic solution to restorative endodontics: the “coronal conundrum.” What is his solution and how did he get there?  
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Office Compliance in the Age of Cybersecurity and COVID-19 – Ep. 35

May 13, 2022
Guest: Leslie Canham
Tune in as Leslie Canham, RDA and certified speaking professional, discusses the importance of patients’ rights, and learn more about the steps dental practices can take to protect the privacy and safety of our patients -- while protecting and equipping our offices for safety and compliance.  
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Shoot Your Shot – Ep. 34

April 8, 2022
Guest: John M. Nusstein, D.D.S., M.S.
You have a real shot at eradicating pain as we listen to OSU Division of Endodontics Chair Dr. John Nusstein discuss anesthetic trends. Don’t miss this enlightening episode, which tackles the critical pillar on which our specialty’s pain-free claim to fame stands.  
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