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Endo Voices Podcast


Endo Voices Podcast

Stay up to date on the hottest topics and trends in endodontics!

Join the American Association of Endodontists and our host, Dr. Marcus D. Johnson as we strive to advance the art and science of endodontics and promote the highest standards of patient care through engaging and entertaining conversations with today’s top experts in the field.

Latest Episode

Office Compliance in the Age of Cybersecurity and COVID-19 – Ep. 35

May 13, 2022

In this episode of Endo Voices, Leslie Canham, RDA, certified speaking professional (CSP), speaks to us about the importance of following HIPPA and OSHA regulations and the top 10 things…

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Recent Podcast Episodes

Shoot Your Shot – Ep. 34

April 8, 2022
Guest: John M. Nusstein, D.D.S., M.S.
You have a real shot at eradicating pain as we listen to OSU Division of Endodontics Chair Dr. John Nusstein discuss anesthetic trends. Don’t miss this enlightening episode, which tackles the critical pillar on which our specialty’s pain-free claim to fame stands.  
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I Want To Be Sedated – Ep. 33

March 4, 2022
Guest: John Hansford, D.M.D.
Though we’re talking about sedation, you’ll want to be fully alert for this latest episode of Endo Voices. Meet double-board-certified pediatric dentist and dental anesthesiologist Dr. John Hansford and dive into all things “laughing gas” -- complete with Ramones references. Hey, oh, let’s go!  
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Shades of Grey: X-ray Safety and Effective Dose – Ep. 32

February 4, 2022
Guest: Rebecca Milman, Ph.D., DABR
We tap into Dr. Rebecca Milman’s “X-ray vision”, as she gets transparent about dental imaging and radiation, answering the most common of patient questions. Don’t miss this revealing conversation.  
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Magnifying Microscope Talk – Ep. 31

January 7, 2022
Guest: Mike Mack
Tune in to the latest episode of Endo Voices and zoom in on one of the most important technologies we have in endodontics: the microscope. Mike Mack joins us to magnify the many possibilities this innovative tool offers our specialty. 
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Endodontics? There’s an app for that! – Ep. 30

December 3, 2021
Guest: William Ha, D.D.S., Ph.D. & Omar Ikram, D.D.S.
Endo Voices gets techy and talks with Drs. Omar Ikram and William Ha about the EndoPrep App, which includes free measuring tools, links to educational articles, webinars and patient info. The in-app purchase includes an MB2 and canal prep guide and calculators.
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Reg Endo Then and Now – Ep. 29

November 5, 2021
Guest: Tatiana Botero, D.D.S., M.S. & Elizabeth Perry, D.M.D.
Drs. Tatiana Botero and Elizabeth Perry are here to discuss how the “pulp fiction” phenomenon that pulp and dentin can be regenerated in the canal is a reality that is here and will continue to help endodontists in their quest to save teeth. Don’t miss this episode, which honors Regendo’s rich past and looks ahead to its bright future.
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Dismantling Impostor Phenomenon, Perfectionism and Burnout – Ep. 28

October 1, 2021
Guest: Jessica Metcalfe, D.M.D.
This episode of Endo Voices tackles the important topic of mental health as it relates to our profession. In particular, our guest Dr. Jessica Metcalfe delves into the imposter phenomenon along with perfectionism, and how to overcome their toxic grip and ask for help when it’s needed.
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Saving Teeth: A Periodontist Perspective – Ep. 27

September 3, 2021
Guest: Scott H. Froum, D.D.S.
In the latest episode of Endo Voices, worlds collide when Dr. Marcus Johnson joins forces with Board-certified periodontist Dr. Scott H. Froum to discuss why teeth are “Worth Saving”. You won’t want to miss this dynamic duo and their enlightening, future-focused conversation.
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The Code: Understanding the CDT, Insurance Reimbursement, and AAE’s Advocacy Process – Ep. 26

August 6, 2021
Guest: Elizabeth Perry, D.M.D.
“Crack the code” and dive into all things CDT with Board-certified endodontist and AAE coding representative extraordinaire Dr. Elizabeth Perry.
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Demystifying Odontogenic Sinusitis (ODS) – Ep. 25

July 2, 2021
Guest: John R. Craig, MD & Roderick W. Tataryn, D.D.S., M.S.
This episode shines a magnifying glass over the oft obscure topic of odontogenic sinusitis (ODS) and how it relates to maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin (MSEO).
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