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The AAE’s publications and research lead the specialty and are globally recognized. Use the information below as a guide as you explore the resources featured in this section of the website.

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Journal of Endondontics

The official journal of the AAE, the JOE, publishes scientific articles, case reports and comparison studies evaluating materials and methods of pulp conservation and endodontic treatment.

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View the January issue of the Journal of Endodontics, the premier journal for the endodontic specialty.

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2017 winners, plus information on how to make a nomination.

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The Communiqué is distributed monthly via email to AAE members and supporters.

When a Toothache is Not

A 60-year-old female presents to your clinic with a chief complaint of a “sharp pain in (her) face in the area of the left maxillary second bicuspid”. She indicates that her complaint began approximately one year prior to her consultation with you today. Her symptoms seem to be getting worse over time.

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2019: A Busy, Productive Year Ahead

With the dawn of a new year, please join me in hoping for a happy and healthy 2019.

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Dental Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Named for Director Emeritus and Father

On November 14, a dedication was held to celebrate the renaming of The Newark Beth Israel Dental Center to The Chivian Dental Health Center at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center in honor of Dr. Noah Chivian, emeritus chair, Department of Dentistry, and former director of endodontics. His father, Dr. Jacob Chivian, was one of the first dentists to join the staff in 1928.

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The AAE strives to deliver professional advancement and personal fulfillment to its members through research opportunities and scientific resources. The Research and Scientific Affairs Committee guides the Association’s efforts in this arena; they also collaborate with others to ensure that members receive cutting-edge information about developments across dentistry.