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Clinical Resources

The AAE offers a variety of clinical resources including publications, guidelines, position statements and treatment planning resources reflecting the latest research, techniques and technologies in endodontics. Whether an endodontist, general dentist or dental student, these tools are valuable references to support the highest standards of patient care.

Endodontic Competency: Executive Summary

This executive summary distills the White Papers down to their key recommendations and directives.

Essential References for Endodontists

Popular clinical publications developed and regularly updated by the AAE to reflect advancements in the specialty.

Guide to Clinical Endodontics

Outlines the current best practices in endodontic diagnosis and treatment.

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Glossary of Endodontic Terms

Defines more than 600 endodontic terms including AAE-ABE consensus terminology and updates to cracked tooth-related nomenclature.

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Key Resources

Based on the highest levels of evidence and the latest endodontic research and technologies, these resources help end-dentists provide the best care and educate their patients and referring partners.

Guidelines & Position Statements

Important documents that reflect the latest science and research in the specialty.
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Endodontic Competency

Guidelines in endodontic diagnosis and treatment for all practitioners.
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Treatment Planning

Resources to aid in diagnosing and treatment planning in difficult cases.
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Cone Bean Computed Tomography

Understand how CBCT can be used in endodontic diagnosis and treatment.

Regenerative Endodontics

Learn more about this innovative development in vital pulp therapy.