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Leadership Development Program

Thank you for your interest in AAE's 2023 Leadership Development Program. Applications were due by October 14, 2022. The 10 selected participants will be notified in December 2022.

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The Leadership Development Program will focus on the following goals:    

  1. Provide a diverse group of emerging leaders with encouragement to engage with the AAE at various levels.    
  2. Provide participants with skills to serve as volunteers, and eventually as leaders.    
  3. Provide insight into the journey to leadership.     
  4. Provide participants with opportunities for involvement in the AAE following the conference.  

The curriculum for the program will include the following themes and topics:   

  • Theme I: Learning to Lead   
    • Topics: understanding personal leadership styles, strengths, and vulnerabilities  
  • Theme II: Leading Self  
    • Topics: emotional intelligence, communication, adaptability  
  • Theme III: Leading Others with Impact  
    • Topics: managing conflict, negotiation, and team building  
  • Theme IV: Catalyzing Your Growth as a Leader   
    • Topics: mentoring, problem-solving, and critical thinking  

**Note:  Applicants who are selected to participate will be required to attend a two-day leadership training February 17-18, 2023 in San Diego, California.