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Leadership Development Program

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Leadership Development Program!

This year’s program was facilitated by the Academy for Advancing Leadership and covered the following 4 themes:

  1. Learning to Lead
  2. Leading Self
  3. Leading Others with Impact
  4. Catalyzing Your Growth as a Leader

AAE President, Dr. Stefan Zweig and Foundation for Endodontics President, Dr. Margot Kusienski were also present to share information about the AAE and Foundation and to advise our future leaders on how to get involved.

Thank you to our ten participants and future leaders in the specialty: Drs. Monique Belin, Austyn Grissom, Jocelyn Magahis, Helen Yang Meyer, Vicky Nguyen, Natali Nunez, Dontra Scott, Gail Tischke, Pierre Wohlgemuth, and Lindsey Yap.

Thank you to our five mentors who graciously shared their time and wisdom with the group: Drs. Kenneth Frick, Natasha Flake, Brad Gettleman, Marcus Johnson and Elizabeth Perry.

And a special thanks to US Endo Partners for their generous support for this program.

The next Leadership Development Program will take place in 2025. Look for more information to come in 2024.