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Constitution & Bylaws

AAE Leads With Board Transformation Initiative

Get to know the AAE’s critically important plan to increase the diversity and inclusion, as well as enhance the efficiency of, our Board.

The AAE’s constitution and bylaws are important regulations which govern the association, provide structural guidelines and state the rights and responsibilities of the members, officers, committees and staff. There are important differences between the two documents that should be recognized. The constitution outlines the purpose and objectives of the organization, describes the organization’s structure, nomination and election procedures, and responsibilities of its various governing bodies. The bylaws describe membership categories and their associated requirements, rights and privileges; financial management; and governance of related entities including the ABE, Foundation, and AAE State Affiliates.

The constitution and bylaws are reviewed each year by the Association’s Board and Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Amendments to either are approved by voting members of the AAE at the General Assembly each year during the AAE’s Annual Meeting.

Click the links below to browse the AAE’s constitution and bylaws. If an issue is important to you, be sure to reach out to the AAE’s Board of Directors and get involved on one of our AAE Committees. The AAE is strengthened by the diversity of its members and their drive to be involved.