AAE Connection

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This exclusive AAE members-only, online community is a robust and dynamic platform for AAE members to discuss endodontic procedures, technologies and practice management topics, as well as network and share ideas with colleagues. We hope that you enjoy the simple and convenient technology while you develop your network and learn from thousands of endodontists around the world.

User Tips & Guidelines

While we are happy to provide the following tips and guidelines, we encourage all members to log in and start exploring. Jump in or start a whole new conversation!

Code of Conduct

All users must agree to the AAE Connection Code of Conduct, which outlines the rules, etiquette and privacy guidelines intended for the community.

AAE members have been enlisted to act as moderators on Connection. If you find a comment to be inappropriate, simply select Mark As Inappropriate from the Reply to Discussion dropdown.

If the content on a profile is inappropriate, please select Contact Us in the upper left corner and complete the contact form. Alternatively, you may email communityadmin@aae.org with a screenshot of the content in question. We will make sure a moderator follows up on all reported issues.

Complete Your Profile

A detailed profile can help you gain recognition and be found more easily by those in the professional community. Once logged in, consider completing the following tasks to build out your profile. We recommend completing this on a computer.

  1. Select your profile icon in the top right corner to view the menu, then click Profile.
  2. Select Actions below the generic profile image icon to add your own. From there, you will be able to add a profile photo from your computer or other online accounts. Please note that any ribbons appearing below a member’s profile image are added automatically by the system and cannot be added by the member.
  3. Select Add to enhance your profile with links to your social media accounts.
  4. Select Add under the additional profile areas to share more about your experience, affiliations and accolades.
  5. Select Contacts under My Connections to search for and connect with colleagues. Navigate to Networks and you will see groups that share similar demographic or membership information.

Notification Settings

In order to receive notifications from Connection, please ensure that mail@connectedcommunity.org is a trusted sender in your address book.

Daily Digest Emails
At the launch of AAE Connection and for incoming members, the system is setup to send a daily digest of activity to your email on record. To change this, the following steps should be followed:

  • Navigate to My Profile, My Account > Community Notifications
    • Adjust the frequency of discussion notifications (Real Time, Daily Digest or No Email)
    • Add override addresses if you wish to send notifications from a specific community to a different email address

Email Preferences
Additionally, there is a separate area for adjusting your email preferences (to customize direct messages, contact request and other notifications). To change these, the following steps should be followed:

  • Navigate to My Profile, My Account > Email Preferences
    • Change your default email address for all Connection communications
    • Update preference for community emails
    • Update preference for social emails

Please note that while you may opt out of emails, all notifications will still appear in their community Inbox. To access go to My Profile, My Account > Inbox. A message notification icon will also appear in your top right profile dropdown as well.