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Member Photo Submissions

Images are an important part of the AAE's educational and outreach efforts. As a way to recognize our members and their practices, while keeping the Association looking current, we are asking you to submit your authentic, high-quality images for potential use on our website and other public-facing collateral. Please review the requirements and submission steps to contribute.

We look forward to featuring more of our members in all that we do!

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Photo Content

AAE is in need of photos that convey all aspects of visiting and working in an endodontic practice. Image categories include:

  • Front Office – Images that show front office staff welcoming or sharing information with people (model patients).
  • Consultation – Images that show endodontists engaged with people (model patients) reviewing information such as tooth diagrams, AAE patient education brochures or digital radiographs.
  • Procedural – Images that show endodontists performing procedures according to OSHA practice requirements and modern technology. Microscopes must be used and handles covered. Endodontists and assistants must be wearing gloves, mask and eye protection, long sleeves and head coverings (if shown in an endodontic surgery situation). Model patients must be wearing eye protection as well.
  • Technology – Images highlighting microscopes, CBCT and other technologies used in the endodontic office.

Ready to submit your images for consideration?

  1. Gather all your images and documentation in one folder on your computer.
  2. Zip the folder to package the items together and name the zip file with your first and last name.
  3. Open our Dropbox uploader, and follow the prompts to submit your items.

Contact or call 800-872-3636 with questions.

In accordance with HIPAA requirements, no viewer should be able to identify any individual patient from any image that you submit. Any photograph taken of a patient once they have entered the office to seek treatment is considered protected health information under HIPAA. While patients may volunteer to be subjects for your photoshoot you must refrain from taking any pictures while the patient is receiving treatment and always use a model release form.

Technical Guidelines

Please send the highest quality/largest file size available. Review the tips below before selecting images for submission:

  • Submitted photos should be a minimum of 1800x1200 pixels.
    If you are not sure how big your photo is, PC users can right click on the photo file and select "Properties." Click the Summary or Details tab (depending on version) to review the Image Dimensions.
  • Largest possible file sizes are always recommended. Do not distort the image by applying photo filters or effects.
    Do not attempt to increase the size of the image in a design program as this will not improve the quality of the image.
  • Acceptable file types include EPS, GIF, JPG and PNG formats. Photo submissions on CDs, DVDs or flash drives to the AAE office are welcome, however it is not possible to return the disks or drives.

Necessary Documentation

Submissions can be made by members or the photography companies contracted to produce your images. To ensure that all images received are usable by the AAE, please review the documentation requirements below before submitting.

 I took the photo(s) that I am submitting.Someone else took the photo(s) that I am submitting.
Release Forms
All recognizable people in each photo must complete a Permission for Photography form.
You must have forms on file for each person in the photo.Check with the photographer who directed the photo shoot to gather necessary forms and keep them on file. You will need to provide permission from the photographer for use of the photo by AAE.
The AAE cannot use any images without one of these release agreements.
Submit the completed member license release agreement along with your submission upload.Submit the completed artist license agreement along with your submission upload.


Credit/acknowledgment of the photographer's name/company as well as the endodontist's name/practice will displayed on this page. Whenever possible, the AAE will display credit for each photo published. No monetary payment will be provided. Submitters and photographers are welcome to reference their work on AAE materials. Submitting images to AAE does not preclude photographers from publishing the same images elsewhere or as specified in your license agreement.