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Educational meetings, resources and support are at the core of the AAE’s offerings for members and the broader dental community. The Educational Affairs Committee advises the AAE Board of Directors in the area of educational affairs including curriculum, policies and education standards.

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Educator Workshop

Educator Workshop 2024

Gather with fellow educators and learn about timely and critical issues facing endodontic education. The Educator Workshop is held annually to an audience of Educators that rotates every year among predoctoral directors, postgraduate endodontic program directors, and department chairs. The narrow focus of this workshop allows each audience to discuss issues of relevance to their position.

2024 Educator Workshop for Predoctoral Directors

Evidence and Ethics: Navigating Educational Challenges
August 16-17, 2024
Austin, Texas
Registration opens on June 10, 2024

Predoctoral Directors, the AAE invites you to participate in the 2024 Educator Workshop, Evidence & Ethics: Navigating Educational Challenges.  On June 10, 2024, you will be sent an invitation, and you will have until July 19, 2024, to register.  

The workshop will be in Austin, Texas, at the Hilton Austin, August 16-17, 2024. Predoctoral Directors will earn up to 9 CE credits from attending the weekend program. Hotel accommodations will be booked by the AAE staff on behalf of registrants and confirmation numbers will be shared in early August.  A per diem will also be given to attendees after the workshop to help pay for certain expenses while traveling. 

The Educator Workshop rotates every year among predoctoral directors, postgraduate endodontic program directors, and department chairs. The narrow focus of this workshop allows each audience to discuss issues of relevance to their position. 

Please note that this is an invitation-only event. If you are a Predoctoral Director at a CODA-accredited institution and do not receive the invitation on June 10, please contact us at

This event is developed by the AAE Educational Affairs Committee and made possible by the generosity and support of the Foundation for Endodontics. Their contributions and dedication to this worthwhile event and the future of endodontic education are greatly appreciated. 

Past Meetings

Educator Workshop 2023: August 25-26
Postdoctoral Program Directors and Corporate Partners
Phoenix, Arizona

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Educator Workshop 2022: August 26-27
Department Chairs
Chicago, Illinois

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Educator Awards

The AAE encourages all educator members to participate in the AAE awards process. Visit the AAE Awards and Recognition area to be inspired by past winners, celebrate the accomplishments of your colleagues by submitting a nomination and make a career plan to pursue recognition. There are three educator specific awards: Edward M. Osetek Educator Award, I.B. Bender Lifetime Educator Award and the Part-Time Educator Award.

Foundation Grants

Supporting endodontic education and the individuals who strengthen it is one of the Foundation for Endodontics’ most important roles. Please make sure you are taking advantage of what the Foundation has to offer you. Review all opportunities on the Foundation’s Educator Grants page.

NOTE: The Foundation’s Board recently reviewed its funding initiatives to make sure each opportunity was in line with the Foundation’s mission. Beginning in January 2018, some alterations will affect the structure, availability and processing of some of the grants that are currently offered. The changes will not only allow the Foundation to offer funding to more individuals, the new structure will allow for greater flexibility in their use by educators like you. Watch for information regarding the revised grant opportunities and requirements, set to be released in January.

Resident Research Projects

A designated community has been established in AAE Connection to house resident members’ survey-based research projects. Residents will pay $50 to participate in the program and approved surveys will be posted to the community on their behalf by AAE Staff. The community is populated with Active, Educator, FDHS and Life members that will receive an email notification with a request for their participation as new surveys are posted. For resident members interested in posting a survey, please complete the formal request here

CODA Accreditation Standards for Advanced Specialty Education Programs in Endodontics

Access the Standards and Learn more

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