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Dental Claims Coding & Submission

Understanding dental benefit plans, dental coding and claims submission is critical to running an efficient endodontic practice. The AAE has a number of online tools to help members achieve this goal. They include:

AAE Endodontists Guide to CDT©

Updated in January 2021. This guide includes all endodontic CDT© codes and frequently used non-endodontic codes. The AAE advocated for separate codes for surgical repair of root resorption (D3471, D3472, and D3473) and for surgical exposure of root surface without apicoectomy or repair of root resorption (D3501, D3502, and D3503), which are reflected in CDT© 2021 and the updated AAE Guide. If you are planning on providing COVID-19 testing in your practice, CDT© 2021 includes new codes for antigen testing (D0604) and antibody testing (D0605). Practices occasionally file medical claims for endodontic services and guidance is included for “crosscoding” dental claims to medical claims using ICD-10 and CPT© codes. Offices must use the most current version of CDT© when filing claims.

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AAE Guide to Claims Submission and Payment

This guide drills down to specific stumbling blocks in claims submissions, including dental plan documentation requirements and assignment of benefits.

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AAE Guide to Dental Benefit Plans

This comprehensive overview of dental insurance for endodontist and practice staff can also be adapted for patients.

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ADA's Code Maintenance Process

The Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT©) is developed and updated annually by the ADA Code Maintenance Committee (CMC). The AAE has a voting seat on the CMC, which includes representatives from the ADA, the dental specialties, third party payers and the federal government. CDT is designated by the federal government under HIPAA as the national terminology for reporting dental services and is recognized by all third-party payers and dental specialties.

For more information on the CMC, including information on submitting code additions, revisions or deletions, visit