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Tooth Images

Use the AAE's tooth images on your practice website and in electronic presentations such as PowerPoint®. The images downloadable below were custom-designed for the AAE by a medical arts illustrator and are featured in the Your Guide... patient education brochure series. Use of the image in electronic formats is a free member benefit to help you promote your practice and visually explain endodontic procedures to your patients and dental colleagues.

Guidelines for the Use of the AAE Tooth Illustrations

The intent of the American Association of Endodontists is to offer the tooth illustrations found in its patient education brochures to all members for complimentary use on practice websites and other electronic media, including PowerPoint® and Keynote presentations, only. Images can be downloaded by members, free of charge, from the Members section of the AAE website.

The illustrations may not be used in such a way that could lead a reasonable person to believe that the AAE has endorsed (implied or otherwise) any company, or approved or reviewed materials, goods, products or services offered by any company or individual. The AAE illustrations may be used for educational purposes only.

The AAE retains its copyrights to the tooth illustrations. Members must ensure that the illustrations are reproduced in their entirety and are not amended or altered in any way; will not appear in any media other than those listed above; and that the statement, “Reproduced with permission from the American Association of Endodontists” will accompany the illustrations when in use.

Members agree to discontinue any usage determined by the AAE to not comply with these guidelines.


Your Guide to Cracked Teeth

Includes a full tooth diagram and images of various cracks and fractures.

Download ZIP

Your Guide to Endodontic Retreatment

Diagrams that can help a patient to understand why they need retreatment and what will happen during the procedure.

Download ZIP

Your Guide to Endodontic Surgery

A visual explanation of the basics of endodontic surgery, including a diagram of an apicoectomy.

Download ZIP

Your Guide to Endodontic Treatment

Various tooth diagrams, including step-by-step images of an endodontic procedure.

Download ZIP

Your Guide to Traumatic Dental Injuries

Diagrams of healthy, chipped, luxated, avulsed and fractured teeth. Also, includes a diagram of an injured child's tooth.

Download ZIP

Your Guide to Treatment Options for the Diseased Tooth

Various tooth diagrams, including a placed implant.

Download ZIP