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Scientific Articles


1888—Bacteriology as an integral part of the dental curriculum (Miller, WD) Dental Cosmos


1906—The rational treatment of putrescent pulps and their sequelae (Callahan, JR) Dental Cosmos


1914—Rosin Solution for the Sealing of the Dentinal Tubuli and as an Adjuvant in the Filling of Root-Canals (Callahan, JR) J of Allied/Dent Soc of NY

1917—The relation of dental infection to systemic disease (Rosenow, EC) Dental Cosmos

1918—Report of Laboratory investigations on the physical Properties of root filling materials and the efficiency of root fillings for blocking infection from sterile tooth structures, conducted at the Research Institute of the National Dental Association, Cleveland, OHIO (Price, WA) JNDA

1918—The Treatment of Pulpless Teeth: The Technic of Cleaning and Filling Canals (Buckley, JP) The Dental Summary


1930—Pulp Canal Therapy, given before the New York State Dental Society (Bannister, GP)

1933—Root-Canal Therapy in Modern Dentistry (Jasper, EA) Dental Cosmos


1946—Journal of Endodontia

1947—Journal of Endodontia

1948—Journal of Endodontia

1948—A survey of technics for treatment of various types of infected pulpless teeth* (Lieban, EA) JADA

1949—Drug Therapy in Endodontia: questions and answers* (Ostrander, FD) JADA


1951—Some fundamentals of successful endodontic practice* (Ostrander, FD) JADA

1952—Root canal instruments (Buchbinder, M) Dent Survey

1954—Basic Concepts of Endodontics (Bender, IB) CDS The Fortnightly Review

1956—Root canal filling: an evaluation and method* (Seidler, B) JADA

1959—An analysis of root canal instruments* (Luks, S) JADA


1960—Endodontic treatment of pulpless teeth* (Grossman, LI) JADA

1960—Histo-Pathological and histobacteriological studies of the relation between the condition of sterilization of the interior of the root canal and the healing process of periapical tissues in experimentally infected root canal treatment (Matsumiya S and Kitamura M) Bull. Tokyo Dent. Coll.

1960—Past and present concepts in endodontics* (Coolidge, ED) JADA

1963—Factors affecting successful repair after root canal therapy* (Seltzer S, Bender IB, Turkenkopf, S) JADA

1964—Endodontics 1964 (Bureau of Naval Personnel)

1966—Therapy for the divergent pulpless tooth by continued apical formation* (Frank, AL) JADA

1968—The cracked tooth syndrome (Stanley, HR) JAAGFO


1974—Endodontics: a peek into the past and the future (Grossman, LI) OOOOE

1975 - present

Journal of Endodontics (complete articles available here)

An aid in successful replantation and a post-resection canal filling technique (Maxmen, HA) The Alpha Omegan

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