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Worth Saving

Your Teeth are Worth Saving

AAE’s public awareness campaign

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“Worth Saving” is meant to bring to life that, like your natural teeth, there are things, people and places that are worth revering.

At the AAE Board’s directive, implement a multi-year public awareness campaign with the goal that:
“The public will value saving their natural teeth and seek endodontists as the first choice for their care. They will understand what an endodontist does and how they are different from general dentistry providers.”
“Worth Saving” is meant to bring to life that, like your natural teeth, there are things, people and places that are worth revering.

Do You Know What's Worth Saving?

How well do you know the Worth Saving public campaign? Did you know that over 90,000 patients used in 2021, with many more projected for 2022, thanks to our digital efforts? Did you know our recent Satellite Media Tour garnered over 31 million impressions? Did you know that millions of patients have used our patient website? The word is getting out.

Worth Saving is working for you, and we’re elevating endodontists in the eyes of the public.

Worth Saving is reaching patients and beyond!

Learn more about how the AAE is reaching patients with these helpful PDFs!


Persuasive Digital Ads

The Association has been running a cutting-edge digital ad campaign and its ads have appeared online as Google search results and display ads in a variety of media outlets!

CNN, Google, and The Washington Post logos

Since launching, there have been millions of impressions on AAE’s ads.

As Seen In

Worth Saving Earns Association and Endodontists Favorable Media Coverage

The Association continues to make headlines! AAE President Dr. Stefan I. Zweig, Immediate Past President Dr. Alan S. Law, and others, have been featured in articles from news sources like CNNU.S. News & World ReportUSA Today and more!

Some of the articles were picked up in other big-name outlets, like the Chicago Sun-Times and New York Post.

Digital Campaign

Incredible Performance in FY21-22

• Patient Site Traffic - over 2 million unique page views
• Approximately 1.5 million page views of the Root Canal Treatment content
• More than 140,000 searches of the Find My Endo directory

• Our display ad campaign generated more than 14 million Impressions - an increase of 4 million over previous year!
• The combined campaigns drove more than 82,000 clicks
• Pay Per Click Campaign (both paid and grant) drove more than 3600 conversions with is 30% over goal for the year!

Facebook Followers


(.37% increase!)
Twitter Followers:


(2.46% increase!)
Instagram Followers


(22.36% increase!)
LinkedIn Followers


(4.14% increase!)
As of June 20, 2022

“Like our treasured state parks or a beloved family heirloom, a person's natural teeth are worth saving!”

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Times

“Some things, like your natural teeth, are truly worth the effort to take care of and preserve. And most Americans agree.”

The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch

“The Charles River Esplanade is one of four national landmarks in a contest started by the American Association of Endodontists in an effort to recognize the importance of natural preservation.”

Boston Sun

The Boston Sun logo

 “Percentage of millennials who ranked teeth as the No. 1 thing they would save or maintain about their body, compared to baby boomers' preference for saving their eyesight, according to a survey conducted by the American Association of Endodontists: 24”


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Compelling Videos

The AAE produced professional videos to truly get into the spirit of what's "Worth Saving" and to get to know some other "savers" out there who work to save, preserve and revere something.

How it Got Started!

See how it all began with this informative Worth Saving introduction video!

We all know endodontists specialize in saving teeth. But to truly get into the spirit of treasuring what's "Worth Saving", we wanted to get to know some other "savers" out there who work to save other things that are worth preserving and revering.

AAE Savers: Dr. Mohamed I Fayad Speaks With a Park Ranger
In this second installment of "Savers", our very own Dr. Mohamed I. Fayad speaks with Kathy Schneider, superintendent, Pullman National Monument, National Park Service.

Worth Saving 2020 Update

2020 was a year unlike any other! Get to know the campaign efforts better with this recap.

AAE Savers

Our very own Dr. Louis E. Rossman sat down with Jilliann Wilcox, senior art conservator with Philadelphia's Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts to learn more about what it is that she saves -- and also talk teeth.

New York: What’s worth saving to you?

We teamed up with a camera crew to ask New Yorkers what’s worth saving to them!

Chicago: What’s worth saving to you?

Our camera crew asked folks in the Windy City – what’s worth saving to them!

Onward to Future Success

AAE’s Worth Saving had an incredible first two years and the Association is looking forward to maintaining the momentum as Worth Saving continues this year with another landmark competition, more social media, increased coverage in the press and more quality videos!

  • Coverage in major media outlets
  • Satellite media tours
  • Save Your Tooth Month celebrations (May of every year)
  • Social media growth
  • Continued traffic via our digital campaign to

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Worth Saving Logo

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