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Foundation for Endodontics Announces $500,000 Pledge from Endo1 Partners that will Benefit Residents and Academic Leaders

The following press release was sent on behalf of the Foundation for Endodontics to media sources throughout the world.

For immediate release: February 24, 2022

For more information:
Alyson Whittlesey, Assistant Executive Director for Foundation for Endodontics, 312-872-0468
Kim FitzSimmons, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for AAE, 800-872-3636

CHICAGO – The Foundation for Endodontics, the philanthropic arm of the American Association of Endodontics, announces that Endo1 Partners has committed to a generous $500,000 pledge. This pledge will allow the Foundation to further its mission, benefiting post-graduate endodontic residents and educators. Specifically, the five-year pledge will be applied each year to a new scholarship for residents, the Foundation for Endodontics & Endo1 Partners Annual Meeting Resident Development Scholarship, and the Foundation for Endodontics & Endo1 Partners ADEA Scholar. 

The goal of the Resident Development Scholarship is to financially assist residents in their final year of training who will be presenting either oral research, poster research or table clinic presentation. The scholarship reimburses AAE annual meeting eligible expenses up to $500.

“It’s important to us to take part in the educational support that prepares future dental professionals. Our commitment allows us to contribute to continued advancements in the industry while playing a role in their pending careers,” said Dr. Matthew Haddad, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Endo1 Partners. In partnership, the Foundation and Endo1 Partners will sponsor one endodontic educator’s participation in the ADEA Leadership Institute, annually. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Leadership Institute helps to further develop dental faculty and enables a growing pool of outstanding academicians to become academic leaders in dental institutions. Endodontic education drives the specialty forward and supporting endodontists in leadership positions raises the profile of endodontics within institutions.

“An opportunity to influence education and research, combined with ADEA’s dedication to providing the support and resources of future specialists in our field, serves as the foundation of our pledge,” Dr. Daryl Dudum, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Endo1 Partners shared.

These awards will enable a growing pool of outstanding residents and academicians to achieve new heights. Our thanks to Endo1 Partners for their support!


About the Foundation for Endodontics 
Founded in 1966 as the philanthropic arm of the American Association of Endodontists, the Foundation for Endodontics (a 501(c)3 charity) encourages and raises capital investment necessary to sustain and further develop the specialty. Over the years, both its mission and activities have evolved into four areas: research, education, access to care and development. By focusing on these four concentrations, we assist members of AAE in the pursuit of excellence in their field and further our vision to support endodontists in their efforts to save natural teeth whenever possible. Throughout its fundraising activities, initiatives, and strategic planning, we uphold our core values: integrity, accountability, responsiveness, innovative, collaborative, and impactful. In 2019, your Foundation for Endodontics has committed over $1.5 million to research, education, and access to care. The Foundation supports every accredited endodontic program in the United States and Canada, and offers funding to educators, residents, and departments. For more information, visit

About Endo1 Partners 
Endo1 Partners, the largest Endodontic Partnership Organization, is a provider of emergency and essential dental services, focused on high-quality endodontic treatments, with a multi-site, multi-service, scalable platform positioned for growth. Operating across the country, Endo1 Partners provides comprehensive business and operational support services to its endodontic practices. The Company partners with best-in-class endodontists across the country with the goal to greatly reduce their administrative burden, so they can spend more time at the heart of their practice-providing high quality dental care to patients. Endo1 Partners is part of the Specialty1 family of brands. For more information, visit