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Be Part of Something Great!

The 2022-2023 fundraising campaign has begun in earnest as an annual effort to raise money for endodontic research, education and access to care.  New giving helps ensure that:

Please share with us how you are impacting an underserved community via email A staff member will follow up with you to learn more.

  • All endodontic residents can undertake the research required in their training regardless of institutional support.   
  • Competitive research grants are a critical element in securing ongoing grants from the National Institutes of Health. 
  • Institutions have the financial support they need to recruit endodontic specialists to train at the highest standards of the specialty, directly impacting case referrals to practicing endodontists when general dentists graduate from dental school. 
  • Endodontic educators are supported to remain in academic careers. 
  • Deserving patients can access endodontics 

New this year, the Foundation will accept donations to augment funding for its US Access to Care mission piloted by a five-year commitment from US Endo Partners.  In the initial round of grants and again this year, grant requests significantly exceeded available grant funds, but any member who’s currently providing pro bono care or volunteering with a dental mission or at a local clinic is encouraged to let the Foundation know your story!  You really can change a life with a root canal!

This year’s Special Committee on Fundraising members are: Drs. Patricia Tordik, Foundation President-Elect and Chair; Poppy Blaseio; Fiza Singh; Craig Hirschberg; Natasha Flake; Juheon Seung; Maria Maranga; Patrick Dahlkemper; Scott McClanahan; Alan   Law ; Mark Odom; Katie Divine; and Mr. Tom von Sydow of Cornerstone Dental Specialties; and Ms. Barbara Nordquist of Nordquist Advisors. Thank you for all you do for endodontics! 

Please give back to endodontics any way that suits you!  The Foundation is now equipped to set up ongoing periodic donations in the frequency of your choice-even monthly.  Or give the equivalent of a molar treatment or two annually, an easy commitment over a period of years is recognized right away for the total amount of the pledge!  Donors who prefer to set up planned gifts can help you set up annuities and other vehicles which provide life income and have significant tax advantages over simple bequests and insurance beneficiary designations.

Please contact Major Gifts Manager Gary Rejebian at 312-517-2159 or to explore options and for any assistance with a donation.