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Foundation & Endo1 Partners ADEA Leadership Institute Scholar, Class of 2023: Dr. Leticia Guajardo-Morales

Thanks to Endo1 Partners Dr. Leticia Guajardo-Morales was sponsored to attend the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) Leadership Institute to become part of the Class of 2023. The Institute helps to further develop dental faculty and enables a growing pool of outstanding academicians to become academic leaders in dental institutions.  

“It’s important to us to take part in the educational support that prepares future dental professionals,” says Dr. Matthew Haddad, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Endo1 Partners. “Our commitment allows us to contribute to continued advancements in the industry while playing a role in their pending careers.”  

We recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Guajardo-Morales, Associate Professor at UT Health Houston School of Dentistry, about her experience in the program. 

Q: Why were you initially interested in the ADEA Leadership Institute?
A: I wanted to enhance my leadership skills and network with other dental leaders.  

Q: Would you have been able to participate in the program without the scholarship?
A: No, due to budget constraints my department has very limited discretionary funds for travel.  

Q: What were the three to five greatest takeaways from the Leadership Institute?
A Always seek new ways to reach your students, never hesitate to reach out to your peers, and poll your students and get buy-in from them when you want to make changes.  

Q: Why do you feel it is important for endodontists to be involved at a leadership level in academics?
A: Because effective leadership means moving the specialty of endodontics forward, graduating competent practitioners, meeting new challenges and leading innovation and change. 

Q: What are your professional goals as an educator?
A: Ultimately, I would like to become board-certified and become a program director. As a result of this institute, I can even see myself as an associate dean or another position in administration. 

Q: Are there takeaways from the Leadership Institute that have affected how you serve your students on a day-to-day basis?
A: Yes. I have adapted new and innovative ways to communicate better with my students and peers and really reach them. Because of this institute I was able to revise our core requirements without sacrificing skill set and knowledge.  

Q: Share a little bit about yourself, your background, your interests, etc.
A: I am an Associate Professor of the Department of Endodontics. I began my academic career volunteering for The University of Texas School of Dentistry in Houston (UTSD) in 2012. In 2013 my position changed to part–time status, and in August 2014 I joined UTSD as a full–time faculty. My research interests are in Clinical Endodontics and use of BigMouth Dental Data Repository and Patient outcomes related to different systematic disease. 

The Foundation is thrilled for Dr. Guajardo-Morales and can’t wait to see what she achieves in academics. Thank you Endo1 Partners for your strong support of the specialty and its future. 

Dr. Lorel E. Burns was selected as the scholarship recipient for the class of 2024!