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Is 2023 Your Year?

Happy 2023 from the Foundation for Endodontics!

Is this the year you discover the best version of yourself? Are you hoping to become a better endodontist, parent, partner, human?

Now that COVID is in our rearview mirror, it is time to reconnect with friends and colleagues. Zoom has been useful, but it does not replace a warm embrace or having a wonderful meal and conversation with old and new friends.

Foundation volunteers have been busy engaging with each other, endodontic residents, endodontic educators, and providing care to the underserved. The Foundation continues to support every aspect of our specialty. We support residents by funding their research, education, and opportunity to care for the underserved. We support educators by funding their research and advancement in academics. The Foundation‘s goal is for endodontists to teach endodontics and to have a place of leadership in dental education. We support AAE members by supplying grants to serve the underserved in their community and abroad.

We hope to have the opportunity to engage with you at AAE23 in Chicago! We welcome our donors to the Foundation’s Reception on Wednesday of AAE23 to engage with our volunteers, donors, and grant recipients. Learn about how Foundation support is elevating endodontic research, endodontic educators, and caring for the underserved.  Feel the spirit of volunteerism and philanthropy in the room.  The Foundation hopes the positive energy at AAE23 inspires you to embark on your journey of finding the best version of yourself which includes giving back in support of your educators, your specialty, and people who are less fortunate.