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April 27-30, 2022

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What is Endo Wellness?

Utilize your time in Phoenix to count your steps and be well by participating in the AAE22 Endo Wellness Challenge. Your step count will create opportunities for prizes and some friendly competition. Additionally, your steps will be added to the step count of every other participant, reminding us all that we aren't alone in seeking wellness, taking time for ourselves, and celebrating our endo community.

In addition to supporting physical and mental well-being among AAE22 attendees, we wanted to take this opportunity to focus on the wellness of the endodontic specialty.

The Foundation’s programs and funding opportunities are in place to support the wellness of you and your endodontic career. With grants for education and research, and support for endodontic fellowships and endowed faculty positions, the Foundation’s programming is the basis for a healthy, thriving specialty. Ensure the strength and wellness of our philanthropic endodontic organization with a contribution to compliment your Endo Wellness Challenge experience.


Looking to add another component to your Endo Wellness Challenge experience? Up the ante with a contribution to the Foundation for Endodontics.

In addition to the Bonus Activities, we suggest trying some of these other ideas that foster healthy competition and contribute to the longevity of the specialty by supporting the Foundation.

Match a dollar contribution for each step or mile completed with a friend.

Bet on yourself by donating $5 per mile achieved.

Challenge colleagues to a "step bet." Everyone contributes a set amount, anyone who does not meet the established goal doubles their donation.

How it works

When you donate during the Endo Wellness Challenge, you will be emailed a QR code to scan for 2,000 bonus steps! The more steps you bank, the higher you climb on the Leaderboard and increase your chances of winning prizes. There is no minimum amount required to donate. You can donate as many times as you like throughout the Challenge, but only one QR code will be sent per day.

How it benefits the specialty

Your contribution will support mission-driven initiatives that ensure the specialty's growth and vitality for years to come. Our work directly supports endodontic research, education and access to care. All of which bolster the visibility and strength of endodontics.

$1,500 can pay for a full-time educator's professional development for one year.

$500 can provide one resident with a Resident Research Grant.

$50 can help the Foundation advance its domestic access to care efforts.

Even $20 supports the development and growth of our specialty.

Instructions to give

AAE Members

If you are a member of the AAE, simply log in and follow the instructions below to make your donation.

Friends of the AAE

If you are a friend of the AAE without a pre-existing account, please create a user profile before making your donation.