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Domestic Access to Care

Foundation for Endodontics' & U.S. Endo Partners' Domestic Access to Care Program

The Foundation is pleased to announce an opportunity for endodontists to positively impact their local communities. The Foundation for Endodontics' and U.S. Endo Partners' new Domestic Access to Care Program will aid endodontic specialists in providing free access to endodontic care to underserved patients within the United States. The Foundation believes every endodontist has the capacity to make a significant difference and is proud to empower specialists to serve patients and spread goodwill. In addition to facilitating a high-level of care to deserving communities, the domestic access to care program is designed to ignite the spirit of philanthropy among endodontists across the nation while increasing public awareness of the specialty.

Get Involved!

AAE members who are endodontists are eligible to apply for funding to be used to support free access to endodontic care. Applicants who submit a proposal detailing a well-designed project plan inclusive of how and where it will serve their community will be reviewed for funding. It is the Foundation’s hope that these local initiatives will improve communities and spread the philanthropic spirit that the Foundation embraces in its work.

Review the full program outline and application for more detail. The deadline for applications is August 1.

For more questions or information at 

Applicants are Required to Submit:

  • Completed online application form (linked below);
  • Upload or include he following materials and information form below.
    • 2 – 3 page statement outlining the project, the need, the patient population it will benefit, the endodontists involved and details about how the project will operate. The following questions should be clearly addressed within the statement of intent:
      • Have you participated in this project before? Describe your previous participation.
      • Reason you selected/are creating this project:
      • Describe the treatment facility and clinical resources provided:
      • Are additional instruments/resources needed to provide high quality care?
      • What do you hope to gain from the experience?
      • How will your participation impact the population served?
    • If working with an outside clinic or organization; a letter of intent from the partnering organization stating their support of the project and partnership.
    • Detailed budget (using this budget template), listing all equipment (quantities, specifics, etc.) needed.
    • Detailed description of how patients will be sourced and triaged, how patients will receive restorative treatment, and how patient follow-up with be managed.
    • A three-year projection of the impact of the project on the community served (How many patients will be seen; how many root canals will be performed?).
    • If this project has previously been in operation, what was the overall impact (how many patients were seen; how many root canals performed?

Considerations to Make Prior to Applying

The Foundation encourages applicants to investigate the following considerations prior to applying for funding. It is the responsibility of the project lead to secure these logistics.

  • Is a legal agreement between yourself (other participants) and a partner institution (if working with one) necessary?
  • If partnering with another organization (community clinic, non-profit organization, etc.) does that organization require credentialing?
  • If residents are involved in the project: Are they covered by malpractice insurance? Is the school administration comfortable with the residents practicing outside of the dental school clinic?
  • Where will you be getting your patients, how will they be triaged and how will they be treated in the future?


The deadline for applications to be considered for funding is August 1. The Foundation’s Special Committee on Outreach will meet by conference call to select the candidate(s) for funding. All applicants will be notified of their status following the committees' call.

Reporting Requirements

Once a program has been awarded funding, reporting requirements must be fulfilled in order to maintain good standing. Please remember that within 30 days of the conclusion of any project, the lead/applicant is required to submit a final outcomes report to the Foundation. For ongoing projects: on the first day of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1), the funded project lead must provide a progress report to Foundation staff.

Progress & final reports will ask you to provide the following details:

  • Number of patients treated
  • Number of procedures (listed by insurance code)
  • Hours spent in the clinic
  • Names, title, and clinic schedules of all project volunteers
  • At least: 10 HIPAA Compliant photographs, 3 testimonials and any other supporting material collected on-site throughout the duration of the project are requested and should accompany the final report.
  • Financial update (Itemized list of funds used)

Progress & final report forms for this funding opportunity can be accessed here.