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Take Action on Medicare Dental Benefits:

Take Action! Urge Lawmakers to Oppose the Expansion of Medicare Part B.

Recently, Congress advanced a budget resolution to include dental care, vision, and hearing in Part B of the Medicare program. 

The proposal lumps dental care in Medicare Part B and places such care in a physician-focused model that doesn’t take into consideration the differences between physician offices and dental offices. Including dental care in Part B also places undue burden on dentists by requiring them to comply with regulations designed for the medical care system. Significant administrative, technical and programmatic requirements and  inadequate reimbursement would likely deter dentists from joining a network based on this model. 

As the bill works its way through the legislative process, endodontists need to make their voices heard to ensure the proposal includes specific framework for how the new benefits consider endodontists and the low-income seniors they treat. 

The House and Senate Leadership intend to pass a bill by the end of September 2021. 

Contact your lawmakers today and urge them to create a new part of Medicare that will better serve dentists and their patients. 

Use the form below to submit a letter. Feel free to use our form letter in the message section of the second part.

Please avoid using punctuation when filling in the prefix and address fields. It is recommended that this action and form be completed on a desktop or laptop.