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Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center

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Address:2133 Pepperrell StreetLackland AFB TX 78236
Program director:Allen Pratt, Lt Col, D.D.S.
Department/section chair:Michael Crabtree, Col, USAF
Predoctoral director:N/A
Contact person:Allen Pratt, Lt Col, USAF
Program website:
Application method:

Air Force residency education selection board

Application submission:Hard copy
Application deadline:September 15
Application fee:$0
Annual start date:July 1
Accreditation status:A1 (Approval without reporting requirements)
Full-time faculty members:2
Part-time faculty members:0
Full-time Board certified:2
Part-time Board certified:0
Volunteer Board certified:0
Accept internationally trained dentists?No
Degrees/certificates offered:
  • Certificate/MS
Length of program in months:
  • Certificate/MS: 24
State license required?Yes, active license from any state
Must the license be from the state where the sponsoring institution is located?No
  • Dental degree from national or international dental school
  • Number of required letters of recommendation
  • Class rank
  • National Board scores along with minimum score, if required
  • GRE or ADAT along with minimum score, if required
  • Active duty dental officer in the U.S. Air Force
Number of endodontic resident slots:2-3 per class; 6 total
Ratio of acceptance to applicants:1-to-4
Tuition per year:$0
Fees per year (if not included in tuition above):$0
Salary amount:Based on military pay scale
Stipend amount:$0
Required graduate preclinical technique course:Yes
First-year enrollment:N/A
Percent of time spent in courses/lectures/seminars:40%
Percent of time spent in research:10%
Percent of time spent in clinical care:40%
Percent of time spent in teaching:Less than 5%
Percent of time spent on-call and/or in emergency clinic:Less than 5%
Clinical setting:U.S. Air Force dental clinic
Affiliated institution:University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Average number of nonsurgical procedures completed per resident:More than 220
Research requirements:Manuscript suitable for publication
Residency programs available in other dental specialties at sponsoring institution:
  • Prosthodontics
  • Orthodontics
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Periodontics
  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry-2
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