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Adding an Associate

Some of the reasons that established endodontists in private practice add associates are to:

  • Relieve excess patient load.
  • Develop a marketing program to build patient flow for a potential buy-in by the associate.
  • Allow extended office hours.
  • Provide an initial trial period for assessing compatibility prior to the total or partial sale of the practice to the associate.
  • Have a purchaser for the practice in the event of death, disability or retirement.
  • Distribute fixed operating costs to additional endodontists.
  • Maximize the use of office space.
  • Increase net income.
  • Provide coverage in case of accident, sickness or emergency.
  • Reduce involvement of the endodontist-owner in clinical practice.
  • Ensure stability and continuity of the practice for both patients and staff.
  • Provide a mechanism for information peer review.
  • Assist new graduate in beginning their professional careers.

Reprinted with permission from the ADA Practical Guide to Associateships, Copyright ADA 2013.