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Becoming an Associate

There are a number of reasons that endodontists consider becoming an associate. Some of those may be to:

  • Transition from the academic environment to clinical practice.
  • Gain time to clarify one's values, philosophy and goals.
  • Gain clinical, technical and practice management experience.
  • Buy into an existing practice.
  • Determine local manpower needs and compatibility with the practice location.
  • Enter a particular community where it may be difficult to begin a solo practice.
  • Earn income without the financial risk and management responsibilities of a solo practice.
  • Take advantage of the experience of the senior endodontist in professional consultations and treatment planning.
  • Provide part-time practice options for semi-retired endodontists, endodontists with families who do not desire ad full-time schedule or those who have other positions (such as teaching) that prevent full-time practice.

Reprinted with permission from the ADA Practical Guide to Associateships, Copyright ADA 2013.