AAE/DENTSPLY Resident Awards & Winners

The AAE/DENTSPLY Resident Awards provide prizes of $1,000 to the ten highest scoring endodontic post-graduate student presenters in each category. In order to be eligible to present in this category, presenters and co-presenters must be endodontic residents at a CODA accredited institution and Resident Members of the AAE (or Active 1st Year Members if presenting research completed during residency and graduated prior year). Postgraduate endodontic presentations will be judged, unless the presenter indicates he/she does not wish to participate in the competition. There is only one award per presentation. The abstract represents 25 percent of the total score and the presentation represents 75 percent. Abstracts are scored by the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee, and presentations are scored by AAE members selected by the committee chairs.

Congratulations to the AAE18 Winners

Table Clinics

  1. Mariel Webber, D.D.S., and Majd Alsharif, University of Buffalo
  2. Wing-Yee Yeung, D.D.S., University of Maryland
  3. Amjad Ansari, B.D.S., and Shoaib Siddiqui, University of Louisville
  4. Jared Beam, D.M.D., U.S. Army Dental Activity, Fort Gordon
  5. Eunice Kim, D.D.S, and Pegah Ghiasi, University of Maryland
  6. John Reynolds, D.D.S., M.A., and Basil Al Shaikhly, Texas A&M University
  7. Brandon Penaz, D.D.S., and Russell Bienias, University of Minnesota
  8. Ali Mehrabian, D.D.S., Stony Brook State University of New York
  9. Yuehong Fan, D.M.D. and Shira Ackerman, Texas A&M University
  10. Fabiola Douglas, D.D.S., M.S., and Mona Joodi, Columbia University

Poster Research

  1. Qian Wang, D.M.D., Case Western Reserve University
  2. Joshua Prudent, D.D.S., U.S. Army Dental Activity, Fort Gordon
  3. Richard Sedwick, D.D.S., Virginia Commonwealth University
  4. Ahmad-Reza Noroozi, D.D.S., University of Texas at Houston
  5. Sarah S. Hussain, B.D.S., D.M.D., University of California, Los Angeles
  6. Stephanie Chen, D.D.S., University of Pennsylvania
  7. Jacob D. Surjan, D.D.S., Oregon Health & Science University
  8. Karishma Patil, B.D.S., Case Western Reserve University
  9. Thomas Jahnke, D.D.S., U.S. Army Dental Activity, Fort Bragg
  10. Dave Patel, D.M.D., University of Tennessee

Oral Research

  1. Cameron Ritter, D.D.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
  2. Saeed Bayat, D.D.S., University of Texas at San Antonio
  3. Zegar Zegar, B.D.S., D.D.S., University of Texas at Houston
  4. Christin Giacomino, D.D.S., Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph-Lackland AFB
  5. Jacqueline Lopez Gross, D.D.S., University of Toronto
  6. Alex Stamos, D.D.S., Ohio State University
  7. Koyo Takimoto, D.D.S., Ph.D., University of Texas at San Antonio
  8. Esther Chen, D.M.D., M.D.S., M.Sc., University of Washington
  9. Vicky Nguyen, D.D.S., University of Washington
  10. Muna Marashdeh, B.D.S., M.Sc., Ph.D., University of Toronto