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EndoGPT: The Intersectionality of Endo and AI – Ep. 48

Guest: Asma A. Khan, B.D.S., Ph.D. & Frank C. Setzer, D.M.D., M.S.

Imagine a world where clinical detection, prognosis and assessment of periradicular pathology happens in real time … from the palm of your hand. How about saying goodbye to the days of diagnosis of post-op pain being made objectively by dentists? This futuristic reality, Drs. Asma Khan and Frank Setzer will tell you, exists among us! This episode of Endo Voices takes a pioneering gaze into the crossroads of endodontics and technology where artificial intelligence discusses treatment options, discerns caries from burnout and basically has the potential to affect every aspect of endodontic treatment from diagnosis and beyond. Tap in and listen to this dynamic duo unveil where endodontics is headed and outline the current and anticipated advancements within endodontic technology. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could predict if any patient will experience moderate to severe post-op pain and take appropriate measures in advance? The wait is over; the future is here!

Episodes of Endo Voices may include opinion, speculation and other statements not verifiable in the scientific method and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAE or the sponsor(s). Listeners should use their best judgment in evaluating the merits of any content.

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