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Gianluca Plotino DDS, PhD


Gianluca Plotino was born in 1978 in Rome, Italy. He graduated in dentistry from the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in 2002, obtained his PhD in 2009 and received the certification to be Professor of II and I level in 2017 and 2018. He received several international prizes, published more that 130 articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals on different endodontic and restorative topics reaching a h-index of 42 and contributed with 4 textbooks and numerous chapters in textbooks. Gianluca Plotino is Associate Editor of the European Endodontic Journal and part of the Editorial Board of several other journals. He is Specialist member of the European Society of Endodontology (ESE), International Member of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), active member and President Elect (25-26) of the Italian Academy of Endodontics (AIE), active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics (SIE) and the Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry (SIDOC). Dr. Plotino works in his own private practice limited to endodontics and restorative dentistry in Rome, Italy.

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Phone: +393396910098

Available Sessions

  • The Impact of CBCT in the Management of Complex Endodontic Cases
    Learning Objectives:

    • List the uses of CBCT imaging in diagnosis, treatment planning and assessment of endodontic outcome
    • Describe clinical endodontic problems solved with the help of a CBCT scan
    • Perform complex endodontic cases

    Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is an innovative medical imaging technique that provides endodontists with three-dimensional views of the patient. To obtain essential additional information in clinical endodontics, a pre-operative CBCT can be used to provide a superior accuracy, validity and reliability for diagnosis and to improve confidence in decision-making as well as have an impact on treatment planning. It is also clear that the additional information provided by CBCT intra-operatively during the treatment phase may drastically improve the outcome of the most complex cases.
    This lecture aims to analyze how the integration of new technologies, coupled with enhanced techniques, may help everyday clinical practice, to present an explicative case series representative of several complex clinical situations in Endodontics and to describe techniques and clinical tips to successfully treat such cases.

    Format: ½ day (lecture), full day (workshop), 1-2 hours (lecture)


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