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2021-2022 Board Transformation Initiative – 5Ws



As announced in Dr. Alan S. Law’s September 2021 President’s Message, the AAE Board in conjunction with a special committee is revisiting the Board Transformation Initiative over the next several months.

The Special Committee on the Board Transformation Initiative is charged with leading this current effort to report back to the 2022 General Assembly. The committee is evaluating the possibility of reducing the AAE Board’s size and bringing selection processes in line with leading practices to enhance strategic discussions and the Board’s ability to be nimble in acting on behalf of the specialty. Ultimately, this is your initiative, and we seek to simultaneously educate you on leading best practices for high-performing boards and gather and carefully consider your feedback.

To ensure our members are well-versed in this endeavor, we have provided here the “Five Ws” of the Board Transformation Initiative.


In this revamped effort, the Special Committee on the Board Transformation Initiative will review prior work on the initiative, gather and analyze relevant data, conduct meetings with members to gather input, and report its resulting recommendations to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Board of Directors.

The Special Committee on the Board Transformation Initiative consists of:

Dr. Alan Gluskin, Chair
Dr. Mark B. Desrosiers
Dr. Katherine A. Divine
Dr. Keith V. Krell
Dr. Linda G. Levin
Dr. Sandra Madison
Dr. Mbachan C. Okwen
Dr. Rodney V. Scott
Dr. Denis E. Simon III
Dr. Fiza Singh
Dr. Elizabeth Perry, Board Liaison

For years, the AAE Board has consistently identified board composition and selection as an opportunity for our improvement. Board composition relates to the success in building a board made up of individuals who contribute critically needed skills, experience and perspective to the association.

Another key part of the “Who” is all of YOU, the AAE membership! This is your Board Transformation Initiative, and it is your guidance we seek as we develop our future governance.



  • Create efficiency of the Board’s work.
  • Develop balanced leadership: skills, experience and representation.
  • Hear all voices: engagement and communication.
  • Engage all career stages of membership in the governance process.
  • Move toward a competency-based and balanced Board.

At the 2021 General Assembly, testimony was provided in support of, and in opposition to, proposed Constitution and Bylaws changes. Following discussion on the proposed changes, the Assembly voted to refer the initiative for further study, with a proposal back to the 2022 General Assembly.

A Winning Methodology

The special committee has discussed the methodology of our Board Transformation Initiative, which will focus understanding their member views, and applying member input to the final recommendations. We believe a non-prescriptive approach is a winning approach for crafting a Board transformation that aligns with member feedback.

Research includes one-on-one interviews with select members of the special committee, a survey of AAE members, town hall meetings with AAE members, and case studies of related organizations. The special committee will work on analysis and findings, and developing recommendations to be communicated to members and presented for consideration at the 2022 General Assembly.


Late-September: A survey is being shared with voting AAE members in late-September, closing on October 14. The purpose of the survey is to gauge the understanding of current governance processes as well as prospective Board Transformation Initiative proposals.

November 30 and December 14, 2021: Town hall meetings will seek to educate members and obtain feedback which will be considered in the special committee’s final recommendation to the Board. The focus of these discussions will be to gather member feedback on the 2020 – 2021 proposed set of recommendations, identify obstacles, and determine what will be the most favorable outcome to advance.

February 2022: Proposed Bylaws changes will officially be shared with members.

April 29, 2022: The General Assembly, and a vote on proposed Constitution and Bylaw changes, will take place during AAE22.


Wherever YOU are – and Phoenix!

Learning about the Board Transformation Initiative and providing your questions and feedback can all be conducted right where you are! Watch your email inbox for critical updates, bookmark this webpage and keep checking back, and email with questions.

The actual vote on our forthcoming proposed changes will take place on site in Phoenix on April 29, 2022.


  • A more nimble, responsive AAE. Agility in governance and in planning will allow AAE to adapt to a more rapidly changing world.
  • A more inclusive AAE. Further commitment to inclusiveness and engagement will maximize opportunities for all members to participate in the AAE.
  • Enhanced leadership development and planning for AAE. Improved development of leadership skills and experience in the membership, and more intentional recruiting of future leaders, will strengthen governance of the AAE.

What Else?

Do you have a question or a comment that isn’t addressed in the five Ws? We want to hear from you! Email