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AAE Releases New Patient Education Video on Resorption

CHICAGO – The American Association of Endodontists announced it has released a new patient education video titled “Types of Resorption.”

“Resorption is a widely misunderstood process; therefore, the purpose of this video was to simplify the process in animation to help with patient comprehension. AAE members and state endodontic associations are encouraged to use it on their websites,” said AAE President Dr. Patrick E. Taylor.

The easy-to-follow video opens by posing the question, “Has your endodontist or general dentist diagnosed you with resorption?”

The video translates resorption to mean one’s tooth structure is dissolving. Viewers are then guided through three different types of resorption:

  1. Cervical resorption, which affects the area where the tooth meets the gum. This type of resorption is commonly associated with dental trauma, past orthodontic treatment or internal tooth whitening.
  2. Internal resorption, where “the pink area,” which holds the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, gets enlarged and dissolves the tooth from the inside out. The video explains this is often caused by a dental infection or dental trauma.
  3. Apical resorption, where the tooth’s root(s) begin to dissolve. This is a normal process when baby teeth are replaced with adult teeth, the video explains. But when external resorption occurs in an adult tooth, it is a problem. If left untreated, the tooth could be lost.

“The video closes by describing how, once resorption is identified, through radiographs and 3-D imaging, endodontists can provide treatment options. Many times, resorption can be treated with a root canal procedure. Remember, resorption sometimes happens for no reason at all — not something the patient has done wrong,” Dr. Taylor said.

The video also reminds patients to have regular dental visits and x-rays to monitor the health of their teeth so they can keep their beautiful, healthy smile. Don’t forget to share this video with your patients so the general public can increase its knowledge of resorption.

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