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Best Practices for Establishing a Winning Online Presence

By AAE Advantage Partner, PBHS

Digitally marketed practices are four times more likely to grow by double digits, yet 85% of practices fail to implement a cohesive online strategy that meets these levels of growth. This includes the endodontic community, whose patients generally come from referrals.

So, why is a strong online presence and digital dental marketing strategy so necessary? The evidence clearly demonstrates that the majority of patients wait to book an appointment with you until after they’ve checked your online information and reviews. And, 81% of patients will still seek out your provider reviews even after they’ve been referred. Therefore, it’s paramount that your website and online presence convert visitors into new patients.

Read on for more details on what a winning online presence can do for endodontists like you.

Attract and Convert More New Patients

A beautiful and interactive practice website is the foundation of an effective, comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Once on your site, you typically have less than three seconds to grab a prospective patient’s attention before they move on to your competition; a professional, modern website that clearly conveys your qualifications, expertise and passion is the best way to boost patient engagement and encourage visitors to schedule an appointment. The AAE Advantage Partner PBHS website design team are experts at crafting vibrant Endodontic designs that seamlessly incorporates the aesthetics of your practice logo and brand – reflecting the unique care you provide and setting the stage for continued practice growth and increased bookings.

Central to a dynamic website is converting referred and prospective patients before they slip away. Employing a live online reception tool, such as PBHS Launch Chat, will provide your patient base with access to a real human receptionist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will help you capture visitors after hours. A 24/7 live online receptionist will not only answer immediate questions and capture new leads for your practice, but can also connect patients directly to your staff phoneline in real-time. The end result? Immediate bookings, better patient satisfaction and, ultimately, more patients.

Since 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, being found on Google and other search engines is a must for your new patient acquisition strategy. Most patients do not look past the first page of search results, so if your practice cannot be found on the first page, you’ve already lost the ability to win that client. We recommend that you employ strategic SEO (search engine optimization) campaigns to improve your search visibility and organic rankings across all top keywords that are pertinent to the success of your practice. This will improve your overall ranking performance, making it easier for potential new patients to find your practice website.

Another method that endodontists use to capture more new patients is through targeted PPC (pay-per-click) Google advertising. This marketing strategy allows you to selectively promote your practice and your high-value services, such as root canals, and places your practice at the very top of the search engine results page (SERP). Experts at PBHS can help you design highly successful paid ad campaigns and messaging to target your ideal patients – optimizing your spend and generating a tangible return on your investment.

Facilitate Seamless Patient Communications

Today’s patients expect to find things quickly and complete activities with ease. Action items, such as contacting your office, requesting new appointments, submitting patient registrations, and making payments for services rendered, must be easy-to-spot and “above-the-fold” to provide instant access on both mobile devices and desktop computers.

Build further trust by quickly providing the answers your patients are seeking with your content. Patients are relying on your expertise as an Endodontic professional to address their oral health concerns – ensure your website content clearly demonstrates your clinical proficiency and answers the key concerns illustrative of your patient base. PBHS has over 25 years of experience providing next-level Endodontic educational content and our sites feature a comprehensive set of procedural pages that describe all the surgical and non-surgical procedures that you offer. Be the place patients Google when they want trusted information.

Save Time and Improve Practice Efficiency

Save your practice time by getting 75% of your patients to complete pre-registrations online before they arrive at your office. Secure online forms solutions, like PBHS truForm™, streamline your front office workflows and ensure that patient registrations, health histories, privacy policies, informed consents, and COVID-19 disclosures are completed on-time, prior to the initial consultation. And with practice software integration, data entry is eliminated for you and your staff. Use secure online patient forms to make it easy for your patients to make payments and submit ePHI.

Ready to let PBHS take your practice marketing to the next level?

A professionally designed PBHS endodontic website and online presence will attract and convert more new patients for your practice and consistently boost growth. Contact us at (800) 840-5383 for a free evaluation of your online presence and Google rankings and receive immediate tips for improvement.