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Demystifying Odontogenic Sinusitis (ODS) – Ep. 25

Guest: John R. Craig, MD & Roderick W. Tataryn, D.D.S., M.S.

This episode of Endo Voices focuses on odontogenic sinusitis, moreover, maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin. Dr. Roderick Tataryn, endodontist, and Dr. John Craig, ENT, represent the much-needed interdisciplinary relationship to effectively diagnose and treat ODS. With sound evidence to support this conversation we take a deep dive into what ODS is and how it relates to MSEO. Drs. Tataryn and Craig discuss the best approaches to work within the shared space of this phenomenon and touch on how “overlooked” and “underappreciated” this condition is amongst both ENT physicians and dentists. They highlight signs, symptoms and presentations to look out for, systematically demystifying instances when sinuses are of odontogenic origin. This discussion is vast but not overwhelming. Our listeners will learn when to refer, when to prescribe antibiotics and how to facilitate proper collaboration between the specialties, in addition to developing a more thorough understanding of ODS

Episodes of Endo Voices may include opinion, speculation and other statements not verifiable in the scientific method and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAE or the sponsor(s). Listeners should use their best judgment in evaluating the merits of any content.

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