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Odontogenic Pain Management: Updates, Strategies and Techniques – Ep. 21

Guest: Ken M. Hargreaves, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Ken Hargreaves, prolific researcher, author, educator and endodontist takes us on a simplified journey of the complex subject of pain management. He invites the audience to open the gates to better understanding of pain processes, touching on pharmacology, anatomy and physiology along the way. Dr. Hargreaves frames the discussion against the backdrop of central and peripheral mechanisms of action and ties in the delicate fibers of adverse effects and risk that accompany the magic pills we rely on as endodontists to mitigate pain.

We revisit the literature of clinical trials highlighting best fixed-dose combos to combat inflammatory mediators and the like. Dive into what you thought you knew and didn’t know about NSAIDs, acetaminophen and opioids. Dr. Hargreaves creates a space of intersectionality for science and medicine differentiating between odontogenic pain, non-odontogenic pain and common differential diagnoses for entities mimicking odontogenic pain. Tune in, dial up your information receptors and up-regulate your pain and inflammation management game.

Episodes of Endo Voices may include opinion, speculation and other statements not verifiable in the scientific method and do not necessarily reflect the views of AAE or the sponsor(s). Listeners should use their best judgment in evaluating the merits of any content.

Episode Resources

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