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Reputation Matters: What Every Endodontist Should Know About Online Management – Ep. 004

Sponsored by Sonendo®, Inc.
Guest: Joshua A. Austin, D.D.S.

Your patient has what you perceive to be an uneventful and good treatment experience in your office. You dismiss the patient exchanging pleasant salutations, only to find out two weeks later that same patient left you a “bad” review! Scenarios like this have become a shocking reality presenting a new degree of challenges for the dental practitioner in the digital age. A favorable online reputation ranks as a top concern for businesses, more specifically dentists, as we continue to figure out ways to navigate the sometimes unforgiving world of “likes” and online reviews! In this podcast segment, we engage dental reputation management expert Dr. Joshua A. Austin for some lively and candid discussion on best practices and strategies to manage the dreaded “unsavory” review. Listen in and make sure the brief stint of heart failure after seeing a one-star review is as rare an occurrence as a four-rooted canine!

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