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The Wizard of Pharmco: Man behind the “Little Dental Drug Book” – Ep. 57

Guest: Peter Jacobson, Ph.D., D.D.S.

In this podcast, Dr. Peter Jacobson delves into the intricate world of dental pharmacology, offering insights and expertise honed through years of experience. It’s not your ordinary podcast; it’s a rich exploration, where Dr. Jacobson, the genius behind the Little Dental Drug Book, weaves his vast knowledge into the conversation. His insights on pain management and drug safety resonate as shared discoveries rather than mere teachings. The segment on pregnancy and drug safety was a treasure trove of information, demonstrating Dr. Jacobson’s commitment to patient well-being and drug interactions. The discussion covers diverse topics, including sinusitis management and antibiotic updates, all taking a patient-centric approach highlighting intricacies on the finer points of drug safety. Dr. Jacobson isn’t just an educator; he’s the orchestrator of a dynamic and intellectual exchange, presenting information in a candid and straightforward manner — an approachable friend we all have gained through the Little Dental Drug Book.

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