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Digital Outreach By the Numbers – July 2018

Through the AAE website, social media channels, online advertising and digital resources, the Association educates the public about endodontics, helping them find specialists in their area, and provides shareable content for members and other dental professionals.

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Pathways for Novel Studies in Endodontics

Clinical practice of dentistry has witnessed several technological advancements in recent decades. In general, these advancements relied upon in-vitro testing and sometimes controlled clinical assessments prior to being marketed for clinical practice. The aim of these advancements was mainly to improve clinical efficiency and a desire to enhance treatment predictability.

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Endodontics: Are We Special?

Recent events have led some of our members to question what defines endodontics as a specialty. The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), the ADA Commission for developing and implementing accreditation standards for dental education, recently removed the word “specialty” from all CODA documentation.

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Sailing Forward – AAE Board Charts Progress on Strategic Initiatives

The 2018-19 Board of Directors officially took office at AAE18. The Board’s Annual Meeting, which was held earlier that week in Denver, offered an opportunity to welcome and orient new Board members, thank members of the Board whose terms of service expired, and have meaningful dialogue around the  strategic priorities for the specialty.

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Foundation Update

The Foundation continues to invest in research and education as foundational pillars of the specialty. The organization’s funding initiatives committee reviewed the available funding opportunities that fall under the focus areas of research and education to evaluate the impact and relevance of each program.

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Congratulations, Drs. Falcon and Kirkpatrick

Congratulations to Dr. Carla Y. Falcon for being named predoctoral director at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, and to Dr. Timothy Kirkpatrick for being named UT Health School of Dentistry’s new director for the Advanced Education Program in Endodontics.

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