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Recognize Your Peers: Submit Nominations for the 2020 Awards

The AAE Honors and Awards Committee encourages you to recognize significant contributions to the specialty and community by submitting your nominations for 2020 awards, to be presented at AAE20 in Nashville, April 1-4, 2020.

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Life Member Dr. Bruce Seidberg Elected to AADB Board

Congratulations to life AAE member Dr. Bruce Seidberg for being elected secretary for the American Association of Dental Boards at the recent AADB meeting in Chicago.

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Digital Outreach by the Numbers – September 2018

Through the AAE website, social media channels, online advertising and digital resources, the Association educates the public about endodontics, helping them find specialists in their area, and provides shareable content for members and other dental professionals.

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How to File a Disability Income Insurance Claim

Insurance is one of those things in life that you buy and hope to never use. Disability income insurance is one of the primary insurances that you really hope not to have to use.  And yet, should that day ever come, you’ll be happy you bought it.

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‘Having a Baby is Easier Than Getting a Root Canal’

Regardless of your practice, as dentists, we have all heard the jokes and other comments identifying how terrible root canal therapy is for our patients. Despite the advancements in endodontics with respect to efficacy and efficiency in root canal therapy, patients still express their fear of this treatment approach.

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Standing Firm in the Specialty Advertising Debate

Last month, AAE president-elect Dr. Keith V. Krell and I had the pleasure of representing the AAE at the Dental Specialty Group meeting in Chicago. The leadership of each of the nine ADA-recognized specialties attends this biannual meeting to get an update from the ADA on topical issues and to discuss items of mutual interest among the dental specialties.

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