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Resident Case Study

The AAE selected one case study out of received submissions to be featured on AAE’s Connection, social media profiles and member email communications. This was an opportunity to share a case study with like-minded professionals and brand yourself as a leader within the specialty!

Congratulations to our winner!

AAE Resident Case Study Winner 2018

strud tutwiler AAE resident case study

Name: Strudwick L. Tutwiler, D.M.D


Graduation Year: 2019

Dr. Strud Tutwiler received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  He then completed an AEGD residency at the VA hospital in San Antonio, TX serving American veterans.  Following several years of private practice, Dr. Tutwiler started his endodontic residency at Saint Louis University in 2017.  He and his wife enjoy spending their free time outdoors with their two boys (8 months & 3 years old).

Case Study Overview

A 37 year old female was referred by her general dentist for NSRCT #14. Her chief complaint was "My dentist said I need a root canal." PMH: GI ulcers. Meds: none. Allergies: Tequin (Gatifloxacin). Social: none. Vitals: WNL. ASA II. HPI: Restorative plan is a full-coverage crown.

O: Cold Test: #14 Hyperacute Lingering Pain to cold. #13 & 15 responded normal to Endo-Ice. IOE: existing RBC #14-DO with carious lesion on #14-MO. No swelling, parulis, mobility, pain to percussion, palpation, or biting. PD 2-3mm generalized with normal mobility. EOE WNL. Radiographic Findings: lamina dura, crestal bone, & PDL appear WNL; dental caries approximating pulp horn on #14. Periapical Index (PAI): 1.

A: #14 Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis with Normal Apical Tissues. Prognosis: Favorable.

P: Informed consent obtained. Options: No Treatment, Extraction, or NSRCT (selected). LA: 4% Septocaine 1:100,000 epi x 2 carpules (136mg) infiltration. Rubber dam isolation. Dental caries removed with pulpal exposure. SLA obtained. 5 canals identified and instrumented. Ultrasonic used with DOM. MB1 WL 18.25mm (MAF #25), MB2 WL 18.25mm (MAF #25), DB WL 18.25mm (MAF #25), P1 WL 22.50 (MAF #30), P2 WL 21.0mm (MAF #25). 6% NaOCl 10cc, 17% EDTA 3cc. Crown Down with Vortex Blue NiTi Rotary. WL obtained with EAL (Root ZX II), paper points, radiographs. Dried canals. Apical patency maintained. BC sealer. Continuous Wave Condensation with GP. Access restored with Sponge and Cavit. Occlusion checked. Recommended OTC Tylenol as needed. Post-op instructions reviewed.

N/V: Core Buildup & Full-Coverage Crown with General Dentist.


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AAE Resident Case Study Winner Postop