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Ashraf Fouad, B.D.S., D.D.S., M.S.


Dr. Fouad obtained his DDS, Certificate of Endodontics and MS at the University of Iowa.

He served on the faculty and in various administrative roles at University of Connecticut, the University of Maryland, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is currently Professor and Chair, Department of Endodontics, Director, Advanced Endodontics Program, and Interim Director, Health Information and Business Systems (HIBS) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Dr. Fouad has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 24 textbook chapters, and 140 abstracts. He edited and co-authored the textbooks: Endodontic Microbiology (now in its second edition), as well as the fifth and sixth editions of Endodontics: Principles and Practice. He is a Diplomate and Past President of the American Board of Endodontics, and an Associate Editor of the Journal of Endodontics, Dental Traumatology and Frontiers of Dental Medicine – Endodontics. He received the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Pulp Biology and Regeneration Group of the International Association of Dental Research in 2017, and the AAE President’s Award in 2022.

Contact information

UAB Department of Endodontics
Physical Address (UPS/FedEx):
1919 7th Ave South, Room 610
Birmingham, AL 35294
Mailing Address (US Mail):
1720 2nd Ave South, SDB 610
Birmingham, AL 35294
Phone: 205-934-5373
Fax: 205-975-9197

Available Sessions

  • Use of Antibiotics in Endodontic Treatment
    Learning Objectives:
    • Describe the evidence available for the use of antibiotics during endodontic treatment.
    • Describe the problems of indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
    • Understand the mechanism of action and effectiveness patterns of commonly prescribed drugs.
    • Describe the available data on the intracanal use of antibiotics.
    • Review the novel trends with respect to the use of antibiotics.

    The use of antibiotics during the treatment of endodontic pathosis is quite prevalent among dentists and endodontists. This session will discuss the available objective data on the use of antibiotics to manage endodontic patients. Both systemic and local applications will be reviewed. Recent advances in the use of antibiotics and newer medications will be addressed.

    One half-day lecture.

  • Endodontic Microbiology and Host Response
    Learning Objectives:
    • Discuss the complexity of the Endodontic microflora.
    • Discuss the various host immunological processes involved in pulpal and periapical pathosis.
    • Discuss the interrelationship of endodontic pathosis and systematic disease.

    Endodontic disease is a microbial disease, that involves a large number of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Knowledge in this area has expanded dramatically in the past decade due to major advances in the technologies used in microbiological research. At the same time, numerous host factors are involved in the response ti the microbial disease. Both local and systematic factors modulate the clinal presentation of the disease, as well as the immediate and long-term response to treatment. This session would describe these issues, and outline their relevance to clinical endodontics.

    Half-day or full day lecture.


Dr. Fouad has no proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentation to disclose.

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