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Barry L. Musikant, D.M.D.


As a partner in the largest endodontic practice in Manhattan for over thirty years, his extensive experience has developed him into one of the top leaders in endodontics. Dr. Musikant’s lecture schedule has taken him to over 300 international and domestic locations. Dr. Musikant has co-authored over 350 articles in dentistry in major dental journals, domestically and internationally. Dr. Musikant is an enthusiastic and passionate lecturer who engages his audience with his ability to relate to them as dental professionals. His CV, biography and a video demonstrating Dr. Musikant’s unique and dynamic lecture style for your review which can be found online by visiting: These documents provide history on the dates and topics of his lectures.

Contact information

119 West 57th St
New York NY 10019
Phone: 201-487-9090
Fax: 201-487-5120

Available Sessions

  • Exceptional Endodontics Without Fear: A World You Never Thought Of
    Topic: Engine Driven Endodontics
    Learning Objectives:

    At conclusion, participants should be able to:

    • Clean and shape canals without distortion and instrument breakage.
    • Learn the concept of “straight line access” and why its is so important.
    • Learn how to reduce the angle of instrumentation in very curved canals.

    A discussion of the benefits derived from understanding the proper design of the instruments and their utilization on the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of endodontic procedures.


Dr. Musikant has no proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentation to disclose.

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