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Daniel Cerny MUDr., Ph.D.


Daniel Cerny (*1974) has received his dental degree at the Charles University, Medical School in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic (1998). Doctorate degree earned at Palacky University in Olomouc in 2018 with the topic of adhesive aesthetic reconstruction. Private practice in Hradec Kralove limited to endodontics and adhesive dentistry since 2001. Previously an assistant professor at Charles University, Medical School in Hradec Kralove at the Dpt of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics (1998-2007). Immediate Past President of the Czech Endodontic Association (CES) 2015-2023. Member of the Scientific Board of the Czech Dental Chamber. (since 2022) Co-founder and the first president of Czech Academy of Dental Esthetics (CADE) (2007-2009). Editorial board member of LKS journal (Czech Dental Chamber Journal) (2009-2013). Co-owner and CEO of the continuing education institute HDVI since 2010. Member of AAE. Author/co-author of 36 articles in dental journals. Co-author of 4 chapters in dental books. Lectures widely internationally.

Contact information

Horni 195
Hradec Kralove 500 02

Phone: +420608300097

Available Sessions

  • Root to Crown: Endorestoration – State of the Art
    Learning Objectives:

    • Describe the reasons why immediate restoration of endodontic access cavity should be done by endodontist.
    • Explain the main arguments for adhesive endo-restorative treatment and its benefits over non-adhesive procedures.
    • List the main tools/materials/protocols required to be mastered in order to complete adhesive endo-restorative treatment.

    The present and immediate future of restorations of endodontically treated teeth lies in meticulous application of adhesive technologies via the hands of endodontists. As endodontists we face the fact that certain portion of our work is wasted due to absence of appropriate restoration following the endodontic treatment. While it is quite unlikely any endodontic specialist would actually fabricate crowns for the referred patient, it should be ideally mandatory to restore adhesively the endodontic access cavity before the patient leaves our office. The safe period to following rehabilitation of the tooth would be extended from weeks to months, perhaps even years. Such approach would be beneficial to all the parties: the endodontist, the patient and the referring dentist. There is no better moment to restore endodontic access then the minutes after completing the endodontic treatment. The tooth is anaesthetised, isolated and the dentist present has a perfect view of the tooth in his/her microscope. The speaker presents 17 years of daily experience of such approach completing over 6000 cases. Current clinical protocol and extensive retrospective data will be presented.


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