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David E. Jaramillo, D.D.S.


Dr. David E. Jaramillo completed dental school and an advanced program in endodontics in Mexico. In 2004, Dr. Jaramillo joined the endodontic faculty at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and in 2006 became a full-time assistant professor of endodontics and the clinical director of endodontics at Loma Linda University. He co-authored several papers on the use of new plasma technology for biofilm removal from inside the root canal system, as well as chapter 14 in Ingle’s Endodontics, 6th edition. Dr. Jaramillo is the author of the trauma paper for DCNA and donated SEM images for illustration for the new edition of Textbook of Endodontology by Dr. Gunnar Bergenholtz, for the chapter entitled The Microbiology of the Necrotic Pulp.

Contact information

11092 Anderson St
Loma Linda CA 92354
Phone: 909-558-4681

Available Sessions

  • Presence of Biofilm Inside the Root Canal System
    Topic: Root Canal Biofilm
    Learning Objectives:

    At the conclusion of the presentation, participants should be able to show the presence and importance of biofilm inside the root canal system, and the importance of its removal.

    By means of SEM, the necrotic root canal system is explored. Visualization of bacterial colonies is possible due to SEM technology. The root canal system is reviewed in a 3-D approach in order to present the different anatomical variables that exist. Root canal irrigation is essential along with mechanical root canal preparation in order to remove biofilm from inside the root canal system.


Dr. Jaramillo has the following proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentation to disclose:

Honorarium: Loma Linda University
Grants/Research Support: $2,000

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