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Justin Kolnick, B.D.S.


Dr. Kolnick attended dental school at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. After graduating cum laude in 1977, he was awarded the University Scholarship for Overseas Postgraduate Study. In 1982, he graduated from the postdoctoral endodontic program at Columbia University. Dr. Kolnick is in private practice limited to endodontics in White Plains and Mount Kisco, N.Y. His practice is dedicated to fostering excellence in endodontics through education and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Kolnick has always been committed to endodontic education, first as an associate clinical professor in endodontics at Columbia University, and then as an attending at Westchester Medical Center and an associate clinical professor in endodontics at New York Medical College. Although he no longer holds these positions, he continues to lecture extensively on a local, national and international level, and has published several articles on endodontics.

Contact information

Justin Kolnick, B.D.S. (Rand), Certificate in Endodontics
222 Westchester Ave 402
White Plains NY 10604
Phone: 914-946-2218
Fax: 914-946-4303

Available Sessions

  • Achieving Root Canal Sterility—Fact or Folly
    Topic: Root Canal Irrigation, Disinfection & Instrumentation
    Learning Objectives:

    At conclusion, participants should be able to:

    • Discuss the importance of CBCT in endodontic diagnosis.
    • Describe the management of the working width of a root canal and understand the significance of preparing root canals to larger sizes.
    • Differentiate between positive and negative pressure root canal irrigation and describe the advantages and limitations of both.
    • Discuss the possible role of laser therapy in endodontic treatment.

    While elimination of bacteria from infected root canal systems remains the most important objective of endodontic therapy, it is evident that “entombed” bacteria in these systems play a pivotal role in the persistence of endodontic disease. A treatment protocol will be presented which suggests that achieving root canal sterility may soon be attainable. Emphasis will be placed on Cone Beam-CT in endodontic diagnosis; working width management; negative pressure irrigation and intracanal LASER therapy.

    Half- or full-day if incorporated by the second topic on Diagnosis and Management of Persistent Endodontic Disease.

  • When Endodontic Treatment Fails…
    Topic: Endodontic Retreatment
    Learning Objectives:

    At conclusion, participants should be able to:

    • List the differing success rates of conventional endodontic retreatment, traditional apical surgery and modern endodontic microsurgery.
    • Describe the new ultrasonic tips and the latest techniques in modern endodontic microsurgery.

    While the reported success of modern endodontic microsurgery is higher than that of conventional retreatment, most dentists consider apical surgery to have a poor prognosis. With Cone Beam-CT, clinicians can accurately diagnose and determine the best retreatment options. Apical surgery leaves the tooth intact, preserves tooth structure and minimizes the need for further restorative procedures. This presentation will review these new concepts and demonstrate the tremendous potential of modern endodontic microsurgery.

    Half- or full-day if incorporated by the first topic on Protocol for Cleaning, Shaping and Disinfecting Root Canal Systems


Dr. Kolnick has the following proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentation to disclose:
Consultant: Opinion leader for DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties

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