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Mohamed I. Fayad, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.


Dr. Fayad received his DDS in 1985 from the Collage of Dentistry, Cairo University. Dr. Fayad received his Master’s in Oral Sciences in 1994 from the University of Buffalo. He received his PhD in 1996 as a joint supervision between University of Buffalo and Cairo University. He received his Endodontic training at the college of Dentistry at UIC. Currently he is the director of endodontic research, and a clinical associate professor in the Endodontic department at College of Dentistry at UIC, dividing his time between teaching, research, and private practice. Dr. Fayad is the co-author of the Periradicular Surgery chapter in Pathways of the pulp 10th edition (2011) and 11th edition 2015. Dr. Fayad is the co-editor of the text book “3-D imaging in Endodontics”. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics and gave numerous presentations nationally and internationally.

Contact information

Endodontics Limited
25 E Washington St. Ste 1833
Chicago, IL 60602-1834
Phone: 312-236-9581
Fax: 312-236-9593

Available Sessions

  • 3-D Imaging in Endodontics: A new era in diagnosis and treatment
    Topic: CBCT

    Diagnostic information directly influences clinical decisions. Accurate data lead to better treatment-planning decisions and potentially more predictable outcomes. CBVT is an emerging technology that can offer the clinician clinically relevant information that cannot be gathered from conventional radiography. The ability to assess an area of

    Interest in 3 dimensions eliminates the superimposition that is inherent in conventional radiographic imaging. Cone-beam technology currently has numerous applications in the dental field. CBVT is having great impact and is changing dramatically case diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment outcomes in the daily practice.

    Half day, full day, or two day lecture, workshop, or live demo.


Dr. Fayad has no proprietary, financial and/or personal interest pertaining to his presentations to disclose.

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