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Mohamed Ibrahim MS, DMD, PhD


Dr. Ibrahim is Associate Professor and Director of Predoctoral Endodontics at Marquette University, school of Dentistry.

Dr. Ibrahim received his dental degree with honors from Mansoura University, Egypt. He earned his MS and endo training from Mansoura University. He also got a PhD via JSP between Mansoura University and Cologne University in Germany in the field of endodontic microbiology and disinfection. He also earned a doctoral degree (Dr Med Dent) from Cologne University, Germany in endodontic hydrodynamic disinfection.

Dr. Ibrahim has published several papers in Journal of Endodontics, International endodontic Journal, Journal of dental education and other international journals. He authored two book chapters about Biocompatibility of dental biomaterials and Injectable Gels for Dental and Craniofacial Applications. He also lectured and presented in endodontics nationally and internationally.

Dr. Ibrahim is a reviewer at Journal of endodontics, Materials, Scientific reports and other peer reviewed journals.

Contact information

1801 W Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53201
United States

Phone: 319-512-2837

Available Sessions

  • Irrigation Technology: What is your North Star?
    Learning Objectives:

    • Describe the current root canal system irrigating devices and their efficacy and limitations
    • Identify the best method for evaluating cleaning and disinfection of the complex root canal system
    • Identify the optimal study design and type to evaluate endodontic outcome

    Irrigation is a key part of successful root canal treatment. Recently, many canal system irrigating technology has introduced to the Endodontics market. This created a healthy debate and discussion in the endodontic society. Emerging questions that are raised are; Which technology to implement? Are these devices affecting the outcome compared to the traditional treatment? Where is the evidence? And most importantly what kind of evidence are we looking for? What metanalysis informing us about supplemental irrigation, is the metanalysis still on top of the evidence pyramid? Are there outcome studies? What kind of outcome studies should we rely on?

    This presentation will attempt to present a balanced viewpoint answering all these questions based on the most recent research findings following an evidence based approach.

    Format: 1/2 Day Lecturer


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