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2022 Interim Board Meeting Recap

The AAE Board of Directors held its Interim Meeting on October 14-15, 2022, in conjunction with the American Dental Association’s SmileCon in Houston, Texas.

The Board reviewed progress on its 2022-2025 strategic plan, which focuses prominently on public awareness, advocacy, and support of members. The Board’s discussion highlighted the many ways in which the work of AAE standing and special committees support the achievement of association strategies. Additionally, the Board dedicated a portion of its meeting to discussion on cybersecurity strategy and measures in place to keep the association protected.

The results of the June 30, 2022 audit were reviewed by the Board. The AAE’s independent auditor reported that the AAE received a clean audit with no deficiencies identified, indicating that the AAE’s financial reports are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The AAE Board approved a contribution to the “Vote Yes on Question 2” ballot initiative in Massachusetts. The measure sought to reform dental insurance Medical Loss Ratios (MLRs) in the state, establishing an 83 percent threshold and requiring insurers to refund any excess premium to customers. The AAE joined the ADA and other state and national dental and specialty associations in supporting this measure.  On election day, Massachusetts voters passed ballot Question 2, making the state the first in the country to introduce a uniform rule for a medical loss ratio for dental insurance.

AAE’s Board utilized SmileCon as an opportunity to connect with key influencers in dentistry. The AAE’s annual reception drew attendees from the ADA, dental specialties, state delegations, and industry.

While in Houston, the AAE actively participated in every available avenue to advocate in the best interest of the specialty and its patients. The Board hosted a brunch meeting for AAE members who serve as Delegates and Alternates within the ADA House of Delegates. The meeting was chaired by AAE District II Director, Dr. Mark B. Desrosiers of Glastonbury, Connecticut. This annual event provides a unique opportunity for delegates across ADA’s 17 districts to meet with the specific intention of reviewing House resolutions impacting the specialty of endodontics and to be informed of the AAE’s position on resolutions. AAE provided testimony on key issues in written format and through verbal testimony at Reference Committee Hearings.

The AAE is appreciative of its 20 members who served as Delegates and Alternates to the 2022 ADA House:

Alejandro M. Aguirre

Satish Alapati

Deborah S. Bishop

Thomas A. Brown

Gregory Chadwick

Mark B. Desrosiers

Bethany A. Douglas

Jeannette P. Hall

Robert J. Hanlon

Michael J. Korch

Adrienne L. Korkosz

Paul A. Lindauer

Rebekah N. Lucier Pryles

Angela P. Noguera

Timothy W. Penberthy

Joseph R. Platt

Robert S. Roda

Scott G. Sutter

Najia Usman

Susan L. Wood