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AAE Officially Launches ‘Worth Saving’ Campaign

Disposable. Upgradeable. Replaceable. Convenience is the hallmark of the modern era, with a chance to buy something shiny and new at every turn.

But from natural wonders to family heirlooms, sometimes “new” is simply not better. Like friends who have stood by your side over the years, the human body is something to marvel at – and sometimes, we underestimate its true worth and value.

Our teeth, for instance, are a gateway to nutrition, a sign of emotion and a signal of overall good health. Our natural teeth are worth saving. Nothing looks, feels or functions like our natural teeth; and our teeth have a natural ally in the expertise and experience of endodontists – professionals dedicated to saving and optimizing one’s natural teeth.

With that message in mind, our “Worth Saving” campaign has launched. “Worth Saving” is meant to bring to life that, like your natural teeth, there are things, people and places that are worth revering. In a world where people often look to buy the newest version or the trendiest item, we want to pay respect and homage to things that cannot be replaced and are truly “worth saving.”

This campaign is targeting a younger audience who is the next generation to care for and save their natural teeth. Our research shows this group is more likely to conduct background research and make educated, informed decisions on their dental health. When people do their homework on tooth pain and root canal treatment, they will learn more about who endodontists are and how they can alleviate tooth pain and save natural teeth.

What’s Ahead

We already have a catchy new patient landing page: Digital advertising, a contest around popular U.S. landmarks “worth saving” and a video campaign are just some of the ways we plan to bring this campaign to life in the coming months. You’ll also be hearing soon about Save Your Tooth Month.

There will be plenty of ways to get involved and help us spread the word. So stay tuned as we continue to roll out activations of this campaign, and start asking yourself and your community the key question: What’s worth saving? Learn more here.

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