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Participate in the National Dental PBRN COVID-19 Research (CORE) Registry

The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network would like to invite you to participate in a  new study called “National Dental PBRN COVID-19 Research (CORE) Registry”. This study will help you weigh different methods, financial feasibility, and comfort levels used to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission risks in dental offices.


The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network is a consortium of participating practices and dental organizations committed to advancing knowledge of dental practice and ways to improve it. Funded by the National Institutes of Health (, the network’s goals are to conduct national oral health studies on topics of importance to you and your patients, provide outcomes that will improve patient care, and impact the way dentistry is practiced.

The network has over 7,000 dentists and hygienists members nationally! You can be part of the growing network; we invite you to enroll now.  If you join the National Dental PBRN, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be compensated for your participation in studies
  • Network and collaborate with colleagues across the nation and within your region
  • Be involved with national studies designed for busy clinicians

There is no cost to join the network.

To get started, simply fill out an Enrollment Questionnaire about your professional background, practice, and patient characteristics. You can enroll online by going to, clicking the “Become a Member” link, and following directions from there.

There are three levels of enrollment available:

  1. Informational – receives newsletters and correspondence only
  2. Limited – receives newsletters, correspondence and participates in surveys
  3. Full – All of the above plus participation in in-office clinical studies of interest to you

The network has recently been funded for a COVID-19 registry, along with a clinical study. The hope is that this will lay the framework for future clinical studies in this area.

Once you enroll, you will be contacted by a regional coordinator about the next steps, depending on your level of interest.