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Worth Saving! – Ep. 003

Episode three of Endo Voices takes a deep dive into the American Association of Endodontists’ multi-year public awareness campaign Worth Saving! With a focus on members’ desires for the AAE to do more to increase public awareness about what endodontists do and who we are, listeners will gain insights into the grounding research of the…

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Casual Conversation: Root Canals and Implants – Ep. 002

Root canals vs. implants! How far we have come since the days when inciting phrases sparked contrasting schools of thought that fueled debates of survival and success! Today, perhaps a more symbiotic and euphemistic relationship is relevant and the idea of “root canals and implants” in peaceful coexistence now governs the narrative. Is this paradigm…

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Restorative Endodontics: Discussing the Why, the How and the Of Course – Ep. 001

In our first episode of Endo Voices, we take a deep dive into the practices and philosophy of restorative endodontics, highlighting the restorative dynamic and its significance within endodontics. We sit down with well-respected and influential endodontic superstars, Drs. Marga Ree and Rick Schwartz, both possessing years of experience as restorative dentists before committing to…

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