Save Your Tooth Month


The AAE supports the extremely invaluable role that endodontists play in dentistry and in saving people’s natural teeth!  Root canal specialists bring the highest quality care, compassion and comfort to patients. Endodontists deserve recognition for their service and commitment and we encourage you to help spread the word about saving one’s natural, beautiful teeth!

Save Your Tooth Month, happening during all of May, enables members to proactively talk, educate our community, build relationships with partner dentists and emphasize our number one message: Your natural teeth are worth saving!

Member Planning Guide

A successful and remarkable Save Your Tooth Month starts with a good plan to inform the public that their natural teeth are worth saving and that root canal treatment isn't what it used to be!

Endodontists provide a relaxing and virtually pain-free experience that saves natural teeth. The AAE invites you to join colleagues across the country in celebrating this event in your local community. Your activities will add to the visibility of the specialty and more than 8,000 AAE members.

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